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Fitness Dictionary: Jargon Buster (Part III)

Fitness Dictionary: (S-Z)

There’s a lot of jargon used in fitness– jargon you may not yet be hip with. But not any more! Welcome to Part III of the HDIGF Fitness Jargon Buster– an easy way to get a leg up on “what the heck is that?” and improve your fitness vocabulary at the water cooler (or kitchen sink).

Shakeology: One-of-a-kind, Patent-Pending “supershake” from Beachbody. Low glycemic Meal Replacement with nutrition derived from exotic super foods and has been credited as an agent with increased energy, lowering cholesterol and weight loss.

Soreness–DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness): The “ouch” felt in worked muscles the day or two following hard exercise and is caused by the muscle being unable to overcome weight and contract. The soreness is due to inflammation of the muscle as it works to repair itself.

Spot Reduction/Training: The attempt to burn fat/train from a specific area of the body. Workouts focus solely on working that particular muscle group/area. The training aspect is good for building muscle, the “reduction” aspect isn’t necessarily effective in “focused fat loss”.

Superset: Two exercises performed back-to-back without stopping.

Tabata: Not expressly used in any Beachbody program (yet), the Tabata training technique was developed in Tokyo, Japan by… (you guessed it) Dr. Izumi Tabata. As a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT- similar to Insanity) technique Tabata uses 20 seconds of ultra-intense full-go exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated continuously for 4 minutes (8 cycles).

Whey Protein: Commonly used as a powdered Protein supplement. Whey Isolate protein is processed to remove fat and lactose and is roughly 90%+ protein. Whey is derived from cheese production.

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