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Fitness Dictionary: Jargon Buster (Part II)

Fitness Dictionary (I-R)

Welcome (once again) to the HDIGF Jargon Buster. Since it might be a chore to read a post that goes on longer than a round of P90X: Yoga, I’ve split the dictionary into three alphabetical parts. Here in Part II you can find out about what lactic acid is (and isn’t), what this whole macronutrient thing is all about and how RMR is actually slightly different from BMR.

Isometric: As used in P90X, this refers to a “hold contraction” exercise movement. For example, if you’re doing a curl, when you pull the weight to the top of your contraction, you hold it for 3-5 seconds. You can do this with any exercise but you’ll see a lot of it in pushups and resistance stuff.

Lactic Acid: Produced by the body to allow energy expenditure when oxygen is low (as in heavy breathing/holding breath). Its use causes localized burn in the muscle and fatigue.

Macronutrients: The cornerstone of nutrition tracking. This refers to the breakdown of nutrients beyond a simple calorie count– IE, what makes up that calorie count. When tracking micronutrients here, we’re talking Fats, Carbs and Proteins.

Max Heart Rate: The fastest “safe” beats per minute your heart can work at. Max Heart Rate is usually estimated for most folks to be 220 – (minus) their age.

MRP (Meal Replacement Powder): A powdered nutrient form used as a meal replacement. Usually contains a 1:1/2:1 protein to carb ration and added vitamins and minerals.

Negatives: The “release” or “concentric” movement of a muscle contraction in an exercise done slowly. IE- after pulling a dumbbell up in a curl, the negative is the release of that curl to a straight-arm position fighting the negative resistance of gravity. Negatives are usually performed more slowly than the eccentric contraction or first half of the movement– IE, if you’re pulling your muscle “up” in a curl and count to two, the negative release “down” would be a count of four.

Overtraining: The result of regularly exercising the same muscles/body part in a frequency (every 24-48 hours) that doesn’t allow for rest and recovery. Overtraining leads to tendonitis, muscle tears and other injuries.

Pre-Workout Supplement: Proprietary formulas like Jack3d and NO-Xplode used to add energy to a workout and increase performance with a mix of ingredients including caffeine, creatine and other energy and muscle enhancers.

Protein: One of 3 main micronutrients (Carbs and Fats make the other two). Protein is used for growth, repair and maintenance of muscle, tendons and ligaments.

Recovery Drink: A beverage (like the P90X Results and Recovery Formula) which is used to replenish glycogen levels and spike insulin to repair damaged muscle tissue and energy stores. Typically contains a 4:1 carb to protein ratio with added vitamins and acids (Vitamin A, C, glutamin, creatine). Proper use immediately after exercise.

RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate): The number of calories your body expends while doing nothing (IE- awake and at rest).

Want more definitions? Continued in Part III: (S-Z)

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