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Finished P90X? Five Tips On What To Do Next

P90X has a trick up its sleeve: It’s not a “90 Days and Out and Done” system. The program is designed to train you in the habit of eating right and working out– a habit intended to keep you kicking booty on a healthy lifestyle long, long looooong after your first 90 days are up. I mean, let’s face it: If you give it up after 90 days, you’ll lose everything you gained (and by gained I mean LOST) if you quit and go back to the same old habits… and take it from me: once you’re there, it’s incredibly frustrating to get back.

So what happens when your 90 Days are up, you’ve dropped fatty-pants sizes and your abs are winking at you and giving you the thumbs up for the first time in… ever?

Keep. Pressing Play. Here’s how:

Start a New Round

P90X is the gift that keeps on giving. You paid for it– put that sucker back to work! When you’re done with your inaugural round, you can easily go back to Phase I and start the whole glorious process over again– this time aiming for more push-ups, pull-ups, weight and reps. You’ll find all the tried and true moves you’ve perfected can be just as gut-busting as you plow through old records and set new goals. Adding a weight vest (or a backpack loaded with weights, in my case) or ankle weights will make push-ups, pull-ups and Ab Ripper X feel like Day 1 all over again. You’ll also find your body making even more refinements and subtle changes. Some of the most successful “Before and After” pictures are from folks who took P90X into round 2, 3, 4 and beyond.

Graduate to P90X+

P90X+ is the official follow-up to P90X for those who’ve completed the program, know the moves and are looking for  more intensity. The new resistance routines are closer overall to Core Synergistics– there’s a lot of synergistic resitance/cardiovascular moves involved as you work virtually everything.  The DVDs include five additional workouts: Two new resistance workouts (aka– Core Synergistics +), two new cardio routines including a fun, heart pounding interval, a shorter, amped up Ken-Po AND a new ab/core punisher. The cardio routines log in at only 40-45 minutes as they’re a little more intense, which makes for a quick workout when you’re in a time crunch. In all, the program costs $59.90 and becomes a GREAT way to add variety to a new round or use the new system as a round in and of itself. You can buy P90X+ here.

Go Hybrid

“Hybrid” is the new hotness. In short, it’s a combination of P90X resistance workouts combined with Insanity’s crazy-fun and intense cardio/endurance program. Once you know that, it’s pretty self-explanatory: Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays you work Tony’s resistance (Chest & Back, Shoulders & Arms, Legs & Back, Chest, Shoulders & Tris and back & Biceps) while taking the Insanity train to Shaun T.-Town on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I’m currently using a hybrid program and saw some pretty quick shredding as I began it. Not only does a hybrid amp the intensity after you’ve become “tuned” to P90X cardio, but it switches things up– and as we know, variety is the spice of life. You can pick up Insanity here.

P90X One on One

If variety is the spice of life, the Tony Horton/P90X One on One series is your spice rack. All new moves– each worked out informally with Tony in his own gym– allow you to stick with muscle confusion, but not have to endure all the  memorized lines made-up back-stories from months of watching P90X.  In short, the One one One series keeps things fresh and  you coming back for more. The One on One series is shipped monthly ( or you can order them individually) and the latest round, Volume 3, is the “sneak peek” for the P90X sequel: P90X: MC2. As an easy supplement to the workouts you’re used to, the structure of One on One keeps things very close to what you’re familiar with in P90X (Peace out, Plyometrics…Enter: Plyocide).

I subscribe to the One on Ones to keep things interesting and switch up– and they WORK. Like I’ve mentioned, there’s something to be said to keeping things new and having choices. At $19.95 per routine, they’ve been a great investment. You can buy P90X: One on One individually here.

Stay Active

Lastly, if you’re P90X’d out (Wha!? Impossible!), at the very least stay active. Some individuals have taken up a spot at their local gym, others re-incorporate running, biking, spinning and group fitness classes sure to keep the heart rate up. While I’m a huge fan of the Beachbody systems and programs, some people need a change in their routine and that’s OK– just make sure you’re doing something (as you learned over the last 3 months) to give your body a run for its money 40-60 minutes 5-6 times a week.

And remember this: whether you keep at P90X for years or try something new– this program was never about the 90 days– it’s about taking that first step in staying healthy and fit for the rest of your slim-n-trim life. 

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