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Fat Loss, Dedication and the Long Tail of P90X

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Biggest Loser (a textbook study in how to miraculously stretch one hour into a full two), you’ll know the bigger you are, the harder you’ll fall. By that I mean the more pounds you’re carrying, the larger the the fat loss gains (as measured by weight) usually are. As you cut the fat and your body gets wise to what’s going on, your “measured” fat loss (i.e.- your weight/measurements) will feel like a slower process.

Don’t fret, though… there’s a yin and a yang to this equation when it comes to visible results: The more fat weight you’re carrying, the less dramatic your initial transformation will seem to be (event though you’re making progress), whereas someone leaner will typically “see” results more quickly as they both adhere to a consistent nutrition plan, ala the P90X Nutrition Guide.

It’s the P90X long tail: A large chunk of fat loss up front with smaller reductions/refinements as time goes on and you finesse/fine tune (even meet) your goals.

Take my case, for example. By Day 60, I was looking pretty good. By day 90, I’d dropped significantly more fat caliper measurements but the visible results weren’t as eye-popping. I was more vascular (the veins in my arms were visible without flexing or working out) and my upper legs and abs had more definition… but that wasn’t defined on a scale… it was simply by seeing and the way my clothes fit. Sometimes, those are the milestones that matter– not what a scale reads or a fat caliper measures.

The fact is, fat loss isn’t a mathematical equation. It’s not necessarily going to happen that you lose 1-2 lbs. every week until you hit your goal weight in [insert your favorite number here] weeks. But guess what? It doesn’t mean you’re not progressing so don’t run out and do doubles, drop 500 calories out of your nutrition plan or buy some “thermogenic” fat burner to compensate. Trust the plan. There are no shortcuts.

Results Are In Dedication

There’s a wide swath of results people are looking for when they kick off a Beachbody program like P90X. Thin, lean, toned, built, healthy or shredded. Each one of these results (or failure to get there) comes from adherence (or non-adherence) to the P90X nutrition and workouts. Some folks are happy to simply be fit and skinny. Others want the crazy shredded, 4-6% body fat vascular popping transformations sometimes shown in the P90X infomercials. And honestly, those are just different stages of the same process. The shredding comes when you make serious commitments– calorie restriction, 100% consistency in clean eating, timed eating and workouts. If that’s not your goal, don’t worry about it and continue to do what works for you, making minor adjustments if necessary as you go.

You’ll have “good weight” weeks and bad… as will everyone. But that’s the process. It’s not a straight shot to the moon… there’s adjustments and course corrections on the way.

But your destination? It’s assured with consistency and dedication.

If you need help in that consistency and dedication as you tackle P90X, Insanity or any other Beachbody program, make me your personal Coach right here.

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