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Eye On The Prize- Beware Weeks Three and Four

When you make the motivated decision to take the fitness/nutritional blow-torch to all the “muscle mayo” (aka- FAT) you’ve stored up over the years, the first couple weeks are easy. You’re fired up on motivation, the idea of coming out on the other side of 90 days to “Wows”, a new wardrobe and the idea of cleaning your laundry on your new washboard abs.  So what happens to so many who lapse on their program and why is the 3-4 week time period so critical?

First, a confession. On my first round of P90X, I was extremely discouraged through weeks three and four. I was eating super clean– no cheat meals, no excessive calories– and pressing play every day but I didn’t feel I was seeing results. Still, instead of quitting, I kept at it. I redoubled my efforts. I upped my weight, squeezed out one more rep, pushed harder in cardio and most importantly TRUSTED the program, knowing the results would come because I was applying the right choices to get there.

And guess what? It worked. By week four, I tried on a “regular” shirts again (by “regular”, I mean smaller sizes I didn’t have to hide behind) and my pants were loosening up. From there, it was progress week over week until I hit Day 90.

And so, short answer– THAT’S why weeks three and four can be critical: it’s easy to get discouraged and take your “eye off the prize”. But giving up just sends you back to failure and where you started. “Pressing Play” every day gets you to that 90 day transformation.

Just remember: your battle for a total body transformation is an ongoing one and results aren’t often dramatic in the first 14, 21 or even 30 days. As I discussed here, there are quite a few ways to sabotage your excitement. Thing is, you don’t have to let it. Your success comes entirely from you making the right decisions (eating right and hammering at the program), day in  and day out, over the course of your journey. Compare yourself to you and no one else.

In this journey, there’s bound to be discouraging days, but know you’re on the right path. Recommit and look past the “right now” and into Day 90 where you’ll be partying in your success. And remember, if you ever need an help and a loving kick in the pants, I’m right here for you. 

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