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Tales of The Rumble Roller!

P90X2 has incorporated the foam roller into its workouts but I’m here to tell you– no matter what program you’re on… you need to get one. And if you can swing it, I highly recommend the Rumble Roller— with its indentations and ability to “dig deep”- in particular. After all, most high-impact training systems (P90X, Asylum, Insanity) will leave you sore and put you through the wringer– that’s why we love them but it’s also the name of the game to be a little “used” and kinked up. I’ve covered the who, what, when where and why of foam rolling (aka myofascial release) right here but I wanted to give a glimpse into real-world application. In other words… man, foam rolling rocks my world. You’ll be amazed at the difference. If you trust me, you can stop reading and…

You can pick up a Rumble Roller here.

You can pick up a smooth roller here.

If you need some real-world proof, here’s a couple Rumble Roller tales which have pretty much made me a fan for life. They aren’t quite as Indiana Jones exciting as I’d hoped but at least they’re all true:

Rumble Roller and the P90X2 Plyocide Recovery of Awesomeness:

P90X enthusiast Coach Dan enlists the help of The Rumble Roller to ward off lower back pain before it becomes something more sinister.

I’ve got a bad habit– one I’m constantly battling with and trying to break. I tend to drift in and out of using my core when I jump. Result? When I land, I take a lot of the impact in my lower back which means when Plyocide is said and done, I’ll be feeling soreness a few hours later.

After a recent, high-jumping bout of jack in the box jumps and depth charges, I was feeling tension and soreness in the usual spot. The discomfort was becoming annoying so just to put all the praise to the test, I grabbed the roller and laid it out in the living room and went to town on my lower back for about 15 minutes– roughly 7 per each side of my spine. It wasn’t comfortable… but when I got up, the soreness and tension was gone. Absolutely gone. I expected it to flare up again in an hour or so but no luck. The Roller knocked the pain and tension the heck out with a knobby TKO.

Rumble Roller and the Case of the Grumpy Trapezius:

After arriving in muscle discomfort land, Dan Vinton is asked by a grumpy trapezius muscle to uncover a mystical foam roller. He agrees, and stumbles upon a secret in his own living room that will change the way he looks at post-workout forever.

Apparently, this post is a bad habit confessional because here’s another (and the reason why I preach form at all costs) faux-paux: Sometimes I push and break form on curls….The “put your back into it” move where your arm says “no more’ but your ego says, “stop talking back to me” so you cheat through your back. I know. It’s not recommended and here’s why– on one too many occasions this will lead to a sore/pinched-feeling trapezius– that big “V” muscle that runs from neck down past the shoulder blade– or worse.

OK, so guilty of that one but instead of suffering through the pinch, the roller came to the rescue. Lying on my back, I positioned the roller horizontally down the “trap: and found the exact “point of pain”– the “hot spot” where the pain was emanating from. I rolled it a bit, put pressure on it and within minutes it release and loosened, pain gone.

Rumble Roller and the Marveling Masseuse:

When Dan Vinton’s usually tight back muscles go missing while pursuing a sports massage, Coach Dan V. must retrace his post-workout footsteps and explain the secret he’s uncovered.

If you’ve been around a while, you’ll know I usually  get a sports massage every month. If you can find a good one, I can’t recommend them enough. But fair warning– they’re not pleasant. A sports massage targets your “kinks” and trouble spots” in much the same way as the roller but without mercy.

So I’m laying on the table and I’m usually getting negative feedback “Wow– you’re crazy tight through your back”, etc. But this round, the masseuse was marveling– “Have you been doing anything different? You’re releasing much more quickly.” I began to explain my foray into X2 Yoga and foam rolling and immediately got this response, “It’s working. You need to keep doing it.”

Good enough for me… and in the end, hopefully good enough for you as well. When Tony Horton says “you could go pay for this or use the rumble roller at home”, he’s not kidding.

You can pick up a Rumble Roller here.

You can pick up a smooth roller here.

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