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Bowflex SelecTech Dumbells 3-day Sale Started YESTERDAY

The DEAL: Just as a heads up, there’s a ridiculous 40% off sale going on with Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells– that’s $239 + tax and FREE SHIPPING. It may seem pricey, but they’re worth the investment– especially since these suckers are usually a very expensive $399. Get on it, the offer ends tomorrow.

You can buy them online using the Promo Code D4PFSE2 or call Bowflex at 800-952-6818. If you call, make sure to mention the promotion and the promo code as well.

Why I’m “in the tank” for Bowflex Selectech Dumbbells:

When it comes to P90X, there’s no better bang for your buck than using free weights. Bands work in a pinch but I’ve been using dumbbells for the past couple years and find they provide more resistance/pump in less reps than bands all day long.  For space and ease of use, I own the BowFlex SelectTech dumbbells and have two pair– the 552 model (up to 5- 52.5 lbs.  max)  and recently graduated to the 1090 model (adjustable weight ranging from 10 lbs. to 90 lbs.) when they went on sale last year.

I’ll make this short: They’re AWESOME.

Bowflex Selecttech’s are a little bulkier than standard dumbbells, but for the space and ease of use, I got over that really quickly. The 552’s adjust in 2.5 lb. increments from 5 up to 25 lbs and 5 lb. increments after that up to 52.5 lbs. I used these for quite a while before I needed more weight. The massive 1090’s adjust from 10 lbs. to 90 lbs. in 5 lb. increments. I only use the1090’s when doing overhead tricep exercises (“don’t smash your face!”) and back stuff like lawn mowers, heavy pants, etc.

Either way, if you’ve been in the market for these dumbbells, now’s your chance to spring for ’em. I’m not big on financing but that option is available too if $239 is too high for one shot and you don’t want to miss out. Good luck!


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