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Doing P90X or Insanity When You’re Out of Town


I’m currently in San Jose, California hitting up a business conference and this morning– while I was sweating up a storm and making my room smell like a gym (a nice-smelling one, of course!)– I realized I’ve never posted anything on taking the workouts and staying committed to them on the road. Soooo… here’s how I’ve done it– with some grainy cell phone pics to illustrate.

Road trips can be tough when it comes to staying with your program (for me that’s P90X and Insanity) and nutrition. With an irregular schedule, time away from the “home gym” and a laundry list of opportunities to eat out, how’s anyone expected to “stick to the program”? The excuses are all there, but we’re not in the business of excuses– we’re in the business of getting results and doing what it takes to make it happen. Right? RIGHT.

A Little Planning Goes a Long Way

1) Equipment: The beauty of the Beachbody programs is this: They’re totally portable. Load your workouts into a CD/DVD slipcase and pack them in your bag with your laptop. Half your battle is fought and won right there because you can do both of these programs in your room. With Insanity, that’s all it takes (well, that and a little room to hop around– see my set-up below). P90X might require a little more planning for resistance days but in a pinch you can toss in a couple easily packed resistance bands for pullups/”weights” (if you have them) that you can use to, again, complete the workouts in your room. Of course, if your hotel has a gym, they’ll usually have free weights and/or machines– even better!

2) Tracking: If you’re following the program, you’ll know the workouts you need to bring along. If you aren’t bringing bands or plan to do some P90X in the hotel gym, you can download the P90X workout sheets to your phone and take them with you to do the routine without the videos. For example, last night I did chest and back. Since I didn’t want to do pushups on the floor between people running on treadmills, I used a bench press and fly machine for my regular, wide, diamond and wide push-ups. Instead of a pull-up bar, I used the lat pull down machine with various grips. The workouts are very flexible and when you’re on the road, it’s easy to take advantage of that.

NOTE: Worried about looking silly doing P90X moves in the gym? You won’ be the only one. Last night I struck up a conversation with a dude doing “Dive Bomber Push-Ups” on the gym floor– yep, he was doing P90X as well.

3) Food: This angle comes in two parts.

Shakes/Snacks/Supplements: This part takes a little time, but is well worth it. If I know I’ll be away for three days, I’ll take three scoops of Shakeology, 3 scoops of my pre-workout supplement, six scoops of whey (for two servings a day), three Meal Replacement Shakes, 3 servings of P90X recovery formula, a bag of almonds and maybe three protein bars– each in their own plastic baggy as you can see in the pic way up there. With a shaker cup, I’m all set! And yeah, I may look like a drug dealer to the housekeepers when I spread it all out on the counter as you can see above, but I know I won’t go hungry when its time for an afternoon snack and I’ll be able to get the nutrition and recovery elements I need while on the road without messing up my routine.

Eating Out: Since you’ll most likely have to eat out, most restaurants will cater to what you need. I was able to get a breakfast omelet with egg whites, veggies and no oil, a small serving of smoked salmon and a bowl of oatmeal and a banana. For dinner I ordered baked salmon (no butter or oil) with steamed asparagus and a salad. Lunch was a Cobb salad… hold the dressing, extra chicken. In short, you can always make substitutions and have your food cooked to order. Don’t be afraid to ask for your food to be prepared the way you like it! Ordering clean may not be exciting, but it keeps the guilt out of eating out on the road, you know what you’re taking in and can easily stay right on track.


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  1. Jed says:

    Good post! As a frequent traveler and fellow P90Xer, I can relate to the tips you gave. Bringing some bands and shakeology is crucial for me. What do you think is the most complete and intense workout for travel? I think it’s P90X2 actually… keep it up fellow TNL coach!

    • Coach Dan V. says:

      Thanks, Jed! TNL power!

      I’m still a fan of P90X and Insanity for travel. P90X2 has band and other options but I think its strongest suit is the core and stability and PAP. No doubt you can still get the workouts but I’m a big fan of the program because of its technical equipment and, where possible, wouldn’t want to miss out on it.

      Then again, I’m a fitness homebody.

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