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Do You Make These Five Workout Mistakes?

The last thing anyone needs is someone ticking off a list of things they’re doing wrong. I had my fill of that noise in my college Calculus classes, after all. However, sometimes there’s small habits which may be slowing you down in your pursuits of your new body goals. Maybe it’s a perspective or assumption you have- one that when addressed can really clear things off your plate (literally) and keep you in the game of working out and focusing on your mind-blowing Beachbody transformation.

So take a minute to think the following list of common mistakes through– and then take a minute to touch base with me on how we can work through them and put a boot in their respective badonkadonks.

“I’ll Do It Later-ism”

Imagine this: You wake up and the whole day is ahead of you. You look at your clock and quickly say “I’ll do my workout tonight”. Ruh-roh. Problem is, “tonight” has its own plans and before you know it, you’re staring at a 10 PM workout start time… which almost always makes curling up with Mr. or Mrs. Fluffy Pillow is look much more appealing.

FACT: Putting off your workout only serves to make it less palatable. Avoid procrastination constipation by doing your huffing and puffing in the morning because, as I like to say, “There’s Nothing Going On an Hour Before Your Alarm Goes Off.” Need help? Have some E & E pre-workout waiting in a shaker cup next to your bed and drink it when your alarm goes off. Caffeine, my friend… COMMITTED!

Need another suggestion? Go to bed earlier. TV isn’t your priority– getting fit and finishing P90X with gusto IS.

Expecting Immediate Results

Results! We all want them. I mean, all The Hulk has to do is get pissed and in seconds he’s crushing trains with his biceps. “Nerdy girls” take off their glasses and BAM- hotness. Problem is, those examples are from comics and movies and well… aren’t real. Results are not going to instantly happen just because you’ve jumped up off the couch for the first time in five years or slammed a protein shake instead of a Double Western Cheeseburger for lunch.

The before and after photos that got you to sign up for Insanity or Turbofire were Day 0 and Day 90. Maybe even day 120. That’s 3-6 months.  Keep that in mind! Too many people quit when they’ve barely just begun and throw in the towel when they’re not doing laundry on their abs or in a size 2 after a round of Pure Cardio.

Listen- you didn’t get fat overnight. You’re not going to be posing for Self or Men’s Fitness after a week. You CAN and you WILL if you just keep going. Expect results– but put them in the proper perspective over the course of a 90 day program and day by day momentum that builds up after 30-60 days! Get in there and finish that fight!

Avoiding Intensity

Intensity gets a boring dictionary definition that goes a little something like this: “Intensity: Great energy, strength, concentration, vehemence, etc., as of activity, thought, or feeling: He went at P90X Chest & Back with great intensity.” In workout talk, that translates to something more exciting like “Bringing It”, “Digging Deep” and basically kicking your own butt. But in a GOOD way.

Intensity is doing things that are hard and pushing through them with focus. Intensity means lifting a bit heavier than last week, one more pull up when you’re tired, lifting your knees a little higher, jumping a little longer and punching a little harder. Intensity will make you stronger, make your workout more effective and get you where you want to be: feeling awesome and lookin’ gooooood.

Not Drinking Water

People don’t drink water. I get it- it’s a tough thing to remember. But getting your water helps in a lot of ways considering you sweat a boatload when you meet up with your workout every day.

First, drinking water helps you not retain it. Water retention leads to bloat and softness- something you may mistake for fat when in fat you just need to drink some more water for a few days.

Hydration also helps in your workouts. It punches the potential for workout nausea in the face and with all that sweat you’ll be putting out, allows your body to keep hydrated… which ultimately allows for that intensity we were talking about.

Eating Your Workout

All too often, it’s easy to get into the “I worked out today, so I can splurge” mindset.

No. No ya can’t.

Here’s why- your workout isn’t the “End All”. If you’re justifying “treats” and “cheats” and padding the fat melting benefits a calorie burning workout will give you with more food, you’re not going to torch that muscle mayo. What I mean is: say you work out and burn 500 calories. You “treat” yourself to a few cookies. Or a bowl of ice cream. Or a block of cheese. A few bites later and you just ate back what you spent 45-60 minutes sweating for (and don’t even get me started on that block of cheese– Game over if it comes to that).

TRUTH: Change will be minimal if at all unless you commit to eating clean to reach your goals as well. All Beachbody programs come with a nutrition guide and most recipes are really good and simple (honest!). Commit to not just working out but to the program as a whole. The workout is the first step, the nutrition is the second.

Do any of these mistakes sound familiar? You can whip ’em or put them back into their proper place with support and focus. You can DO THIS. I know because I did– let’s make it work for you!

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