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Choosing A Beachbody Coach

There’s a lot of Beachbody Coaches out there with more jumping on board every day. And before you get the idea this is going to be me putting myself out there as better than others, that’s totally not the case. There are a lot of great Beachbody Coaches who are passionate about helping people get into shape the same way they’ve been able to.

That said, there’s always going to be a segment out there just trying to make a buck– putting cash before care. Just watch out for those. Good thing is, they’re easy to spot:


Look, I encourage anyone who has the passion for the product to be a coach because it’s a very, very legit opportunity to make some real income, help others and have fun doing it. Sounds cliche, but I believe that 100%. It’s why I jumped on the bandwagon in the first place. I also know coaching isn’t for everybody and don’t want to sign coaches who are in it for the wrong reasons or to pump up the numbers and glory. That doesn’t help anyone. Ultimately, coaching boils down to you and what you’re comfortable with/passionate about. Do you want to go after it? Then heck yes, sign up. But first and foremost, make sure your coach is about YOU, wants you to coach for YOU and YOUR success. If that’s me, AWESOME. If not, AWESOME.


Shakeology is awesome but Beachbody will also be the first to tell you it’s not the end-all be-all of nutrition. I use it every day and I’ll recommend it all day long. I love the ingredients. I love the ease in which I can get my nutrition and I love the fact it’s natural and low on the glycemic index. It doesn’t, however, cure cancer and alone it won’t melt your body fat to deliver six pack abs. IT IS a tool to get there and IT DOES taste great. You WILL notice a difference in energy and a punch to the fat-suck cravings when you use it. I recommend Shakeology but beware coaches where this is all they’re about. Your fitness will come from more than a glass of Shakeology a day. It comes from a complete package of exercise, nutrition AND a boost from Shakeology.


Coaches appreciate your support. And let’s be honest– if your coach can help you further your goals, they deserve it. Many do this because they love it, not because they’re raking in the cash. Beware, however, the coaches where everything is about them. THEIR, Twitter Feed, THEIR Facebook Page, THEIR YouTube video, THEIR “likes”. Promotion is one thing, promotion to get solicit popularity by way of using others for the simple fact of getting ahead while not giving much back in return?  Not cool. Coaching is about YOU, your success with your program and getting fit– not the coach’s latest attempts to get “Likes” on Facebook. If they’re rad, that stuff comes naturally.

So hey– choosing a coach is definitely cool so align yourself with one who is in it for you first and foremost. Choose one who’s in tune with your goals and can really give you insight on not just the programs and the marketing the party line but the nutrition and application that goes along with them. Best thing is, you can always switch coaches if one doesn’t suit you.

Am I that guy? I dunno- take a look around and see. If not, we’re cool. There’s other coaches out there who are 360 degrees of awesome and may be able to help you meet your goals better than I. The beauty of coaching is there’s a coach for everybody and every personal style. Again, if that’s me– we can do awesome things together. If not, you can do fantastic things with someone else.

Either way, choose carefully and we’ll see you on the boards.

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  1. Mathieu says:

    Hi, my Name is Mathieu I come from a football and heavy training background. I’m looking for a coach that can get who I am, how I am and what my biggest goals are. Your description of a mutual commitment between coach and trainee appeals to me and I was hoping you would be able to talk with me abit more to figure out if you’d be a good coach for a complicated trainee as myself. I am currently waiting for my insanity package to come in, and I wish to make an educated choice that is best suited for me. Thank you for your time.

    -Mathieu Havill

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