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Beachbody Coaching: Scam or Legit

First off, I won’t leave you hanging… it’s 100% legit.

This is a longer post but stick with it– it could truly change the direction of your life.

Obviously, I’m a Beachbody Coach but my journey to this place wasn’t a quick decision. In fact, it took me a loooong time (a year plus) and a LOT of initial doubts before even considering it. In fact, in the beginning I downright dismissed it– most of my dismissal came from the stigma associated with being involved in a “Multi-level Marketing” program and the fear I had of having to be a pushy sales guy that was constantly trying to “sell” family, friends and every passerby. Ugh, right? But you know what– it’s real. I’m earning income genuinely and sincerely helping others. P90X, ALL Beachbody programs and their nutrition solutions sell themselves. You’re not selling– you’re sharing the excitement you’ve been sharing all along. Fact is, I didn’t jump on board to sell anything, I jumped on board because I’ve seen the results, I’ve experienced the confidence building change and I wanted to be a part of showing others the way to do the same.

After all– and let’s face it– as a nation, we’re fat and getting fatter. There’s a weight problem out there and honestly, I want to be part of the solution in helping others LIVE life .

I could go on and on, but recently Mr. P90X himself– Tony Horton– weighed in with some pretty good words of motivation:

If you have plenty of income and love your job then what I’m about to tell you might not be for you. If you’re not thrilled with the way you make a living, would like extra income, love Beachbody products, like the way they make you look and feel, enjoy helping other people feel and look better, enjoy setting your own hours, get excited about being the captain of your own ship as opposed to working for the man – then listen up.

If you want to share what you’ve learned with people in your life who want better health (and could use extra income in the process) then you should consider becoming a Team Beachbody Coach. I felt so strongly about this program that I’ve encouraged many of my friends to become coaches, even my own sister. She is doing great (even though my contract with Beachbody won’t let me help her). She is a perfect example of someone who had plenty of doubt and hesitation regarding the coaching opportunity and still found a way to make it work for her. A busy working wife and mother with three very active kids doesn’t sound like a good candidate to start an in-home multi-level marketing company. Did you say multi level marketing? What? Ick! You mean pyramid scheme right? Okay chill out. All these fears would be true if BeachBody were selling hats or kitty liter, but this is Beachbody people! The number 1 in-home fitness company on the planet! P90X is steadily becoming the most popular fitness system in US history. Shakeology is the revolutionary replacement meal on the market today. We sell life-altering change – not soap. Tens of thousands of regular folk around this country are doing something they love because of this coach opportunity.

Cynics don’t need to apply, but if you’re sick and tired of the status quo and want to make a difference in your own life and in the lives of those around you, then open the door. The two major issues of our time – the health care issue and unemployment rate could be resolved if a million more people in this country decided to get healthy and share the wealth. This is a brand new industry waiting to explode. It’s not happening in boardrooms or factories – it’s happening in the homes of tens of thousands of Team Beachbody Coaches and in the homes of their customers. With a tiny investment (actually the company is waiving the enrollment fee through the end of 2010) and a willingness to help people the sky’s the limit.

So true. But hey– Tony Horton IS P90X. What about normal folks? Lucky for me– and part of the reason I chose to become a Beachbody Coach— I know one of the top 5 coaches in the country: Josh Spencer. Of course, lots of people know him now, but I connected with him when he was barely out of college and working a 9-5 job and just happened to be a P90Xer who had a great transformation. Needless to say, he was driven and he’s not doing that 9-5 thing any more:

I’m thinking back to when I was first learning about the opportunity, and what was going through my mind at the time. I’ve got to be honest, I thought that it was some sort of scam at first. In fact, when my coach, Barbie, asked me to become a coach, I told her “no” and said I needed to learn more about the Beachbody Coaching Business before I got involved. Three months later, after talking to many of the other top coaches and quickly learning that it wasn’t a scam, I decided to become a coach myself. That was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Now, two years later, I’m a full-time 3 Star Diamond Beachbody Coach and living my dream. I get to sit at home, spend time with my family, make my own hours, be in control on how much I make, take as many breaks as I want, and do something that I love doing– helping others in the area of fitness. I say this all the time, but I have truly been blessed to be in this position. To think that this all came to happen because of me watching a P90X infomercial late one night back in March 2008 is completely mind-boggling. What if I wouldn’t have talked to those other coaches to find out that the Beachbody Coaching Business was not a scam? I probably would be sitting behind a desk right now dreading that I had to be at work that day. Instead, I’m sitting on the couch in shorts and a t-shirt writing this post.

So there you have it. Maybe coaching’s not for you… and that’s fine. Personally, I love it. I love the way it helps others and I love the way it can do that for EVERYONE both physically AND financially.

If you’re already a coach on my team, kick fear where it counts, dust off the inhibitions, get the heck up and start building your dream and helping others. I’ll SHOW you how to do it. I’m involved in a ridiculously successful team and will happily pass it all along. You won’t be alone and the plan for true, tangible success has been laid out– just duplicate the system and find fast success. The opportunity is out there. I’m experiencing it! Your engagement will bring success– whether it’s in a few weeks, a month or over the course of a year, I can promise you that.

If you’re not a coach, there’s still 2 weeks to make it happen without start-up costs. You don’t need to be ripped– you just need to be passionate about your program. If that’s not enough, you’ll receive 25% off  products INCLUDING Shakeology, the Recovery Drink and anything else Beachbody offers AND keep yourself honest and pushing forward with some accountability to the others on your team.

I’m not big on selling things to people, but Beachbody, P90X, Insanity and Shakeology all sell themselves and change lives. That was enough for me to jump on board– stop building other people’s dreams and join me in building your own.

For more info, get in touch with me and I’ll give you all the details you need to make a decision and get started! 


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