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Bringing It

You hear it every day and every workout starts with the same red reminder… “Bring it!”

But really, beyond cheer-leading movies, trash talk cliches and a sincere motivational cry from Tony Horton, what does “Bring It”  mean? What does it mean to you? And what is “IT”, anyway? Is “it” about just showing up and pressing play? Is “it” about squeezing out one more rep when your mind is telling you those burning muscles are a little uncomfortable? Is “it” about pushing yourself to that higher heart rate and stopping when that last “Run-stance Squat Switch Pickup”  (the move I love to hate) timer has clocked out?

Hopefully, “It” covers all three of those situations and a little bit more. As far as I’m concerned, “It” is your desire. “It” is your best. “It” is stretching beyond your comfort zone to accomplish something truly extraordinary for yourself– something that was recently driven home with a wide-eyed realization.

Not too long ago, I had a “Bring It” “Ah-ha!” moment. As I was looking over my workout sheets, I noticed on resistance days I was nailing 10 reps EVERY SINGLE TIME, no matter if I’d take the weight up by 5 pounds each week or not.  I’d been curling 40 lbs on “arm” days and decided to up that to 50 lbs. just to see what I could do… or what I’d been holding back on. I went down into the basement and at 50lbs. punched out twelve reps. Twelve reps!

At that twelfth curl, I realized the power of “Bring it”: I’d been working, I’d been sweating and I’d been transforming my body, but had I been “Bringing It” or had I been simply shooting for a number?  Did I have more to give? Could I have increased my results, shredded more fat, burned more calories and built more muscle? I’d never know, but from that day forward, I did know it was time to push myself beyond simple numbers, beyond what I was “expected” to do and into “Bring it” territory– doing the best I could and pushing my involvement in the P90X workout to new height every time I slipped that DVD into the player and turned on the TV.

If you’re already in that mindset, fantastic! If you’re not already in that mindset, you can be.

See, you’ve committed to the program. You’ve made the changes necessary to enable that program in your busy day and in your diet– now’s the chance to kick your dedication into mental overdrive. Recommit, push through and really Bring It for an hour a day.

Remember, if you’re truly doing your BEST, you can “forget the rest”– not because you failed or “don’t have to do it”, but because after your best there is no “rest”. By doing your best through dedication to “Bringing it” (no matter what fitness level you’re at), you’ve already brought it. 

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