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“Bring It”- Eating Right When You’re On The Go

So one of the toughest parts about any body-shaping fitness program is the nutrition… well, initially anyway. Not only are we working body parts that have spent too long in hibernation, we’re breaking old bad habits and trying to new ways to attack old problems. And key to this is keeping our bodies fed and ready for action while warding off the drive-thru, unwrap and eat temptations that lurk in the company break room or out on the road. No doubt, the nutrition component takes some initial planning and getting used to!

So here’s a quick example of how I’ve handled it and continue to evolve to keep things interesting and sustainable:

“Bring It”… Your Food, I Mean

To avoid the “I’m so hungry I’ll eat anything at this point” syndrome that inevitably leads down the road of regret, derailment, and a couple more pounds of junk in the trunk than I’d planned on driving with, I’ve literally applied the rallying cry “Bring It”– IE, I always pack my own food and “bring it” with me to work. Usually that packing job consists of  12 oz. of Greek Yogurt (though I’m cutting back), half cup frozen raspberries and some almonds for morning snack, leftovers with a big salad for lunch and a couple Quest protein bars + sugar snap peas and baby carrots for an afternoon snack. It’s become a system that works well for me, it’s dialed in to my nutritional needs, keeps me full and readily able to poke my finger in the glaring eye of temptation.

Real World Example

Since I’ve been trying to cut back a bit on dairy (aside from whey protein), I decided to try drinking my Shakeology (a truly amazing game-changer… I’m a fan) as a morning snack instead of having it for breakfast, allowing me to shave off the usual yogurt. I always use a blender for my Shakeology since I like it thick like a milkshake, but that presented a problem if I was going to be storing it for a few hours. And then I remembered… Mr. Thermos:

As you can see, the thing worked like an all-state champion. I blended my Shakeology in the morning and poured it into Senor Thermos for easy-carry action. Four hours later, my Shakeology mid-morning snack was ready to go down the hatch- still cold, still icy, still “milk-shake-ariffic”. And yeah, I kind of felt like I should have been drinking my Shakeology on top of a girder with my hard-hat pals while clutching a thick ham on rye in one hand, I can’t believe I hadn’t used this trick earlier. You can bet you won’t be finding me on a workday without my Thermos from here on out.

And there’s the trick– don’t go into your day no knowing what you’re going to eat. Have the food on hand which will allow you to eat throughout your day and stay in line with your nutritional goals, which, in turn, are in line with your body image goals. I promise, your chances of going astray will dry up faster than a broken New Year’s resolution and you’ll give your chances of success a ticket for the fast-track to SixPackville, USA.

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