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Body Beast Dynamic Set Training- Know Your Sets

Ever heard of “Dynamic Set Training”? If you’re doing Body Beast… you have now. So hey! How about a quick English lesson to nail down the word “dynamic” and how it fits into Body Beast, lifting weights and building muscle:

Dynamic  (die-na-mik)

— adj
1.     of or concerned with energy or forces that produce motion, as opposed to static

As far as the term “Dynamic Set Training” goes, it’s a newly coined term built on the training methodology centered around breaking up the typical 3-set, X reps lifting structure and changing the rep counts, weight loads and number of moves in each set instead– aka- Dynamic Training or Dynamic Sets. And if that sounds all boring and technical– don’t worry about it. Fact is, Dynamic set training works, it works your muscles and keeps things explosive and powerful while allowing training times to be relatively short (30-40 minutes).

Body Beast definesDynamic Set Training as:

“Dynamic Set Training is a specific sequence of sets and reps that is designed exhaust the muscle and to recruit more muscle fiber to promote growth.  Dynamic Set Training is also designed to increase your testosterone level.  Testosterone is a hormone that is very important for muscle growth.  The more testosterone your body produces the more muscle you can build.”


That said, when it comes to Body Beast, there’s A LOT of set styles being thrown around. If you want to stay on your toes and walk into your workout knowing the lingo and expectation instead of trying to figure it out in-workout and on the fly… here’s your quick reference:

Dynamic Sets Used In Body Beast

The Single Set:
Our old pal… the good ol’ fashioned weight lifting set. One move (curl, press, etc.) with three sets of varying reps.

Drop Set:
A Single Set modified with an added fourth set. The “drop” refers to a drop in weight and is sometimes referred to as a “burnout set”.
Super Set:
Here’s where things start getting fun. A Super Set is two Single Sets strung together without rest and may include a drop set on one of the moves as well. For example- Lunges followed immediately by step-ups or a bicep curl followed immediately by a hammer curl. Combined, a total of six to seven sets in a row.
Giant Set:
Three single sets join up and make a hat trick of misery for a single muscle group. Combined, a total of nine sets in a row.
Three or four sets joined together that work 3 different muscle groups. Example: Decline Pushups, Superman, Crunches.
Force Set:
Five sets of five reps with a ten second rest between each set. No putting the weight down- total of 25 reps.
Progressive Set:
A “Pyramid set” comprised of six sets progressing from light to heavy and heavy to light. Example: First set of reps goes 15 reps light weight, 12 reps medium weight, 8 reps heavy weight. Thirty second rest- 8 reps heavy weight, 12 reps medium weight, 15 reps lighter weight.
Combo Set:
Compound exercises- ie, a set of moves that work two muscle groups. Exampe: Squat to curl.
Circuit Set:
A fast paced set with where pace is set from one exercise to another with minimal or no rest.
Tempo Set:
A set that doesn’t worry about cranking things out fast and uses a timed sequence in the lifting movement while holding a contraction for a set of time. Example: six seconds up, flex, 6 seconds down. (As a note, this can be used for hypertrophic gains in a program like P90X when higher reps are called for. This keeps reps lower but taxes the muscle with extreme prejudice.)

And there you have it- a world of lifting variety thrown into an effective and challenging workout package. Having gone through all the workouts I can say Dynamic set training works you in ways you may not be used to… and does it all to awesome effect. I’ve been sore and pumped every single time I’ve lifted for the last 5 weeks straight and true to trainer Sagi Kalev’s promise, my shirts are definitely getting smaller.

Dynamic Set Training FTW.

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