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Best Fitness Tips- Advice From The Real World

So you get plenty of advice and “Best Fitness Tips” from me here at HDIGF. Hopefully you take it to heart but you know, sometimes I get sick of hearing myself too. So this post is a bit different. I recently asked my team a question:

If someone asked, “What’s the best fitness tip you could give that’s been a game-change for your fitness journey?” What would it be?

The responses were nothing short of awesome and inspiring and where I’d intended to get the team thinking about what’s working for them and how they’ve grown and learned in their journey, the answers grew into something where their wisdom and experience– experience gleaned “in the trenches”– could benefit everyone and anyone jumping into Beachbody fitness programs. You’ve heard a lot of it from me before but hey– I’m always down for a little back-up now and again.

So here’s a few great fitness tips from real-world.  Awesome people just like you making fitness, nutrition and their programs work:

Make Time For Your Workouts

“I realized if I was going to fully commit to the program 6 days a week, I had to MAKE time for my workout. Being “too busy” is such an easy excuse…no one has time, YOU have to make time. This realization led to my 4am wake up call 5 days a week. Yes, it’s hard and yes, I want to sleep in a lot and I fight with myself almost daily, BUT I get up and press play. You’ll thank yourself, when you MAKE time for your workout:)”  –Stephanie

“First, schedule it, just as you would anything else that’s important. And, second, view it as part of your day, just like getting coffee in the morning, driving to work, going to lunch, your weekly staff meeting, etc. This [thing] is now part of your day, including your workout. If you feel your day as not 8 – 5 (i.e. work) but, 8 – 7 (i.e. work, change clothes, and exercise), pretty soon, working out is just something you do as . . . part of your day.” –Alan

“My tip is to do it first thing in the morning so you don’t have all day to talk yourself out of it. I tried to schedule to do it with my husband at 5 pm. I am a morning person and he’s a night person so that’s not going to work for me. I woke up and did Plyometric Cardio first thing!!!” — Sara

Know What You’re Eating- Don’t Just Wing It

“My tip is to track and measure your food. It made me realize how much I was overeating in the past. I make sure everyday that I get my meals measured out and made so in the morning I have no excuse to eat crappy. Also I have a food scale which has helped me out a lot and I love it. Makes food preparation much easier than guessing.” — Philip

“My tip is to educate yourself about food and eat real food. At one point in my life I was so focused on taste and didn’t care about ingredients- my body was in rough shape inside and out. When I began learning about food and nutrients, eating whole foods became a priority and a lifestyle. It’s about changing your relationship with your body- treating it with respect and having standards for what goes into it. It’s absolutely changed my life and made staying healthy for a long time much more second-nature.”— Danielle

Get Involved With A Group (Like Fit Spot…)

“My tip is to surround yourself with a mutually supportive group of like-minded people. Whether online or in a class, the positive group mentality is making a big difference for me.” — Katie

Do Your Best… Forget The Rest

“Momentum has not been my issue at all. I have plenty of that to go around. I’m a perfectionist. So its not my tip by the T man’s [Tony Horton] tip: “Do your best and forget the rest”. This has seriously kept me going, kept me pushing, and has followed me beyond my workouts and trickled down into everything I do. I’m happier and kicking more butt!” — Michelle

Get Your Mind Right

“JUST DO IT!!! Seriously, some days are harder than others, and many times compulsion wins. But if you stop, put aside emotion, refocus on your goals, and exercise some mental toughness, you’ll get it done!” — Brian

“Don’t check your progress by looking at your abs. Focus on another body part. for example I check my “salt and pepper” muscle. my arms don’t dribble anymore when I move them..for me that’s progress.”– Yael

“My tip is something that I always suspected worked but never actually did until recently. Document, analyze, adjust, move on. That goes for workouts, nutrition, goals, pretty much everything. I did it for work, family finances, family vacations, every part of my life except my personal health and nutrition. I was doing an ok job but pretty much going through the motions at best. This whole accountability thing is helping me do a better job and wants me to continually work on getting even better.” — Jim

Do What’s Fun!

“My tip would be is to find something that you like. For example I absolutely hate running on the treadmill I don’t think I could commit to that on a daily basis but I love my BB programs and so therefore it’s easy for me to stay committed to them.”– Lisa

I couldn’t have said it better myself. These profiles in awesomeness have figured what works for them, prioritized it and made it happen. You can do the same!

Since no man/woman is a fitness island and success grows like a weed with support, stay on track and receive personal tips and advice by adding me as your free coach and mentor right here. As a bonus, I’ll add you to Fit Spot where you can find additional motivation from Rock Stars like those above!


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