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Before You Start P90X: Your Pre-Launch Checklist

If you’ve invested in P90X and are starting (or have recently started), you’ve invested in the real deal. P90X is a complete, top-to-bottom home fitness program that’s comprehensive, easy to follow and when completed, produces awesome results. Not just visually, but physically and in the way it teaches about nutrition– a major key to getting healthy and feeling great. As one of only a handful of P90X Certified Coaches in the country, I’m obviously a big fan of the X. P90X isn’t easy, but if you’re up to the challenge (and I bet you are) it’s definitely worth the effort and I’m here to help all along the way.

Like any other effort that takes time and effort, it’s important to “get your arms around” P90X as it’s more than just workouts. Now that you’re ready to “Bring It”, there’s a checklist I’d recommend running through to get launched with P90X at full stride without making the mistake of diving right in and hoping for the best. It’s very similar to Insanity Pre-Launch Checklist despite the differences in the two programs.

Get Familiar With The P90X Nutrition Guide

If there’s one item that’s absolutely, completely, totally, inexcusably and 100% critical to your success in P90X, it’s understanding the nutrition aspect– and nutrition (what, how, why, etc.)  is covered in exhausting detail in the P90X nutrition guide. Know what “Macros” are (IE, the breakdown of food– protein, fats, carbs), know how much you should be eating, know what you’ll be eating. All these aspects are covered in the guide which was designed to walk you through each and every day, phase, week and month of P90X. The P90X Nutrition Guide is an invaluable resource on your journey.

As detailed in HDIGF’s Body Changing Blue Print and Nutrition Tracking Guide a finger on the pulse of your nutrition gives you the momentum to really maximize the results P90X can bring.

Clear The Fridge

Chances are you’ve got some “fatsuck” laying around courtesy of your old eating ways. You’ll definitely need to do some grocery shopping to replace it and once you’ve got your new, healthier options, get rid of the junk. We’re giving the 1-2 uppercut to roundhouse kick at that stuff and chucking it out the door for a new you. Using the guides recipes and suggestions, stock up for at least a week’s worth of eating so you’re not left flat-footed and wondering what’s next.  That includes supplements (I highly recommend Quest Bars, Shakeology and a whey protein) which will help with convenience and filling in any gaps. Don’t leave anything that will offer a temptation or road-block to you your progress.

Have a family not eating in line with your goals? Read This Tip Sheet for help around this minor obstacle.

Sneak A Peek At The P90X Workouts

P90X is a graduate program. That means it’s more intense (jumping, squatting, etc.) and requires an emphasis on form to avoid injury. There’s also some workouts which will have moves you may never have done. Instead of wasting time in the first few weeks watching the TV while trying to get an idea of how to perform a move, set aside some time to run through some of the DVDs– particularly, Plyometrics, Yoga, Kenpo-X.

Become familiar with form and if you’re feeling like extra credit, try practicing some of the moves in slow motion so you know what to expect.

Know Your Equipment

P90X was designed to be a program you could do virtually anywhere. On the road in a hotel room, the park, whatever. Worksheets help and the P90X App makes that doubly easy. And while P90X doesn’t require a lot of equipment it does require some for maximum benefit. Are you going with bands? Then you don’t need a pull up bar or dumbbells but you do need to make sure you have the right resistance. If bands aren’t your thing, you’ll need a pull up bar and dumb bells. There’s other items that are luxuries (like push up stands for deeper pushup and wrist protection) but they aren’t make or break.

Take Your “Before P90X” Pictures

Nobody likes taking pictures of themselves in various states of athletic undress when they’re feeling chubby. I know it may not high on your priority list but DO  take your before pictures! You don’t have to share them with anyone but have them on hand. After all, in 90 days, it’s going to be the old you you’ll want to blow people away with your new transformation. They’ll also go a long way in helping you. Both “Before” and 30, 60, 90 day progress pictures will give a baseline visual measurement of your ongoing improvement and success. Check out some great tips on how to take those pictures right here.

As a little incentive, Beachbody loves before and after pics and will reward you with a T-shirt (or spotlight on their websites) if you send them in. And you can’t do that if you never took them. :)

Complete The P90X Fit Test

Seen as optional and not part of the workout, the P90X Fit Test is a must. The Fit Test is basically your introductory workout and establishes your baseline fitness. If your nutrition is on point, you WILL see results but if by chance you’re not satisfied, the fit test will show you you ARE making progress in areas that matter most– your fitness in strength and endurance.

Bring It!

So the checklist is complete… pick your Monday and get started!! You now have an absolutely rock-solid start toP90X and with an understanding and preparation for the program, you’ll be one of the elite who stick with it and finish.

I mentioned P90X Certification earlier but I’m 100% qualified and studied in P90X to help you all along the way. If I’m not already your coach, you can set that up here. Do your best, forget the rest and let’s Bring It to a new you. 


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