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5 Mistakes When Doing P90X, Insanity, Les Mills Etc. (And How To Fix Them)

Fitness mistakes. P90X, Les Mills, Insanity, Turbofire— we all make ’em so hey… embrace ’em.

But don’t get TOO snuggly.

Knowing mistakes are inevitable doesn’t mean you can’t do your BEST, learn from those mistakes and give them a dropkick right in the butt-chops next time they show up at your door with a forget-me-not bouquet and a card that says, “I’m sorry”.  No, mistakes are all about learn, move on and “fugettabout it”.

So as mistakes go when it comes to some of the butt-kickingest fitness programs out there, I’m pretty familiar with them. They’re common and can be easy to make… but when you course-correct and turn those mistakes into strengths and understanding… well, that’s what separates the successful from those who enjoy an endless treadmill of excuses.

If you’re making these mistakes… cool! Let’s fix ’em and get you rocking and rolling on the road to sexy, flexy success.

Nutrition: I.E., “All I Have To Do Is Work Out”

P90X, Insanity and every other rockin’ Beachbody fitness program comes ready to order. Just put that sucker in a DVD player and it’s a one way trip to abs, biceps and a butt you could bounce a quarter off of (and glutes are the new abs, so I’ve heard). Well… not so much. While the workouts get your body facing challenges it may not have gasped through for years (or ever), the fact is visual results are truly defined and perfected in the kitchen.

That’s right- nutrition.

Fitness and nutrition are a one-two punch that when used in parallel become a fat-breaking, muscle-mayo vanquishing combo breaker. As Tony Horton says, “Fitness is fitness and nutrition is health”. And that health shows when fat melts away due to proper nutrition… revealing all the carved and chiseled muscle from your workouts underneath.

How to Fix It: Read your nutrition guide! Easily one of the most overlooked, yet critical, parts of your program, the nutrition guide breaks it all down simply and easily. Don’t like things that look like books? Visit the Success Center here on HDIGF (HowDoIGetFit). And bonus… touch base with me and do it often to stay on track.

Going It Alone: I.E, “Dude, I Gots This”

While at-home workout programs RULE for leaving the meat market gym and saving both time and money with a plug and play recipe for fitness success, it’s the people who plug in and seek support who are far and away the most successful and continue the lifestyle without dropping back to ground zero and having to start all over again. I’ve met plenty of lone wolves (I started as one myself) but more I plugged in, interacted with others doing the program and sharing my questions, success and frustrations with others, the more I stayed fired up to continue with P90X beyond just the 90 day program. It’s something I’ve seen time and again- those who “solo” drop off and fade away. Those who plug in… they stick around and keep their success rocking.

I promise… you’ll find the same when you get interactive (FIT SPOT for example) and mingle with others. And who knows, you may make a few new (real) friends.

How to Fix It: Put the ego aside and stop worrying about what others will think of you. You have a lot to offer and others have a lot to offer you. Join Fit Spot and enjoy sharing and laughing and encouraging with others in this experience.

Bad Form: I.E., “Monkeys Humping Footballs”

Bad-Pushup-formWhen you’re pushing it and cranking out your 135th pushup, chances are you’re more focused on squeezing out that last rep than watching your form. Which is too bad– form is critical in not only avoiding injury but heightening results. See, when your form is right, you put the focus on the muscles and movement that are supposed to be worked as opposed to bringing in muscles and movement that aren’t necessarily conveniently connected at that moment.

How to Fix It: Mirrors work wonders. So do camera phones. Look at yourself. Tape yourself every once in a while. You might be surprised. I’ve seen people who are patting themselves on their backs for pumping out 100+ pushups but look like they’re having a seizure while seeing how far they can push their crotch into the ground. It’s ugly.

Don’t be ugly. Be safe.Pay attention to your form, watch the demonstrations and listen to the cues Shaun T., Tony Horton and the Les Mills Master Trainers give. They’ll save you injury AND looking like a monkey trying to hump a football.

Procrastination: I.E., “The Sun’ll Come Out… Tomorrow”

Procrastination used to be my middle name. When it comes to doing household projects, it still is. But when it comes to fitness, procrastination is kinda like a bucket of water to your burning fire. It’ll douse it. “There’s always tomorrow” is what kept me fat for the first five years of my marriage. It’s what keeps people in the rut they beat themselves up over every day. It’s what makes you skip your workout in the evening. It’s what makes you think you’re going to “really focus” on your nutrition… at some point.

The list goes on and on but ultimately, putting your workout off or skipping out on fueling your transformation right is a one way trip to an unyielding brick wall of frustration. Here at, we’re all about taking the overpass and leaving that brick wall behind. While procrastination is easy, consistency in DOING (just getting down there and pushing play, just planning your meals) is what fuels success.

How to Fix It: Just press play. It’s a simple concept- one that’s so simple people often overlook it. Pressing play will get you going. Once you start, you’re much more likely to finish and even the most lackluster workout is better than none at all.

Quitting: I.E, “Eh… Never Mind”

This is the big one. The GrandPappy and/or GrandMammy of all P90X, Turbofire, (you name it) success busting mistakes. Quitting stops forward momentum. Quitting makes you feel you can’t do anything. Quitting shuts the door on the opportunities and confidence completion ALWAYS provides. It teaches your brain you’re a loser. And guess what? YOU’RE NOT A LOSER.

Fitness can be tough. It MUST be for change to take place. The change you want isn’t given by quitting. The change you want is given by persevering. Working through the tough parts because you know on the other side, down the road… your dream come true is waiting with open arms and an ice chest full of “I Kick Trash” energy drinks. Only these energy drinks don’t leave you crashing– they leave you living a life you thought may have been a thing of the past.

How to Fix It: Get back in it. Don’t wait. Don’t quit. Stay strong. Stay plugged in. Keep after it. It’s worth it in more ways than you may even be able to see right now. Post images of your goals. Post quotes. Email me. Call me. Text me…. whatever it takes. Never forget your goal and you’ll never quit.

Questions? Need help? Just feel like clicking a link and sending an email? Email me here or at You can also receive the 100% verified awesome additional one on one support you may need by making me your free Beachbody Coach right here. 

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