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17 Songs to Pump Up Your Workout

If there’s anything short of pre-workout supplements or a nice maca root/beet powder vegan power mix to get you pumped up and mentally in the game, music holds the top spot. Most Beachbody programs are hip to this as P90X and Insanity (for example) have a “No music” feature.

Take advantage of it.

While I appreciate the music built into P90X, after a while I feel like I’m at the docks in my work shirt unloading my lunch pail and eating a pastrami sandwich… which is cool but sometimes I want to feel like I’m in a  race for my life or a Nike/Underarmour commercial or a video shoot for “world’s most awesome athlete”… or something like that.  Either way, sometimes I need to mix it up a bit.

I figured I’d keep today’s post short and sweet so here’s some stuff I’ve used in the past (and presently) to “Get My Mind Right” and jack up the enthusiasm, reps and focus. Now I know this isn’t going to do it for everyone and there’s some stuff (or heck, maybe all of it) you’ll gag over. I’m sorry,

BUT… I’d love to see your suggestions below. We’ve all got varied tastes and maybe there’s something I’m not hip to that could put some additional spring in my step. And here’s to hoping it’s vice versa!


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  1. Jim says:

    Start Me Up. Rolling Stones.

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