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15 Secrets Of The Fit And Ripped

When it comes to success and the results you want with your program, you may be looking at a pretty wide gulf between you and your goals. Thing is, most every one who started a program like P90X or Insanity was looking at the same thing. The difference is they attached themselves to actions and ways of thinking that got them there… and kept them there.

Here’s a few ways you can click into the same “secret” mindset of the fit and ripped and crush your goals with authority:

1) They’ve removed excuses from their personal dictionary.

We’ve all got them– reasons to fail. Things- meetings, hectic schedules, kids, late nights, hangnails– we can quickly turn to to make ourselves feel better about missing our date with the fitness destiny. The fit and ripped take excuses, strap them to their back and go for a round of hill repeats until those excuses shut their traps. In other, words, excuses aren’t an option– only reaching the goal of results success.

2) They play the long game while training in the short.

Results take time and come pre-wired to your starting point. The fit and ripped don’t compare themselves to others. They compare themselves to their personal best and then work on improving that, doing so with a focus on the today, the workout at hand and how to personally improve on the next.

3) They realize foods matters.

They don’t make excuses to eat foods that get them nowhere and then feel bad about it the next day. They simply make the decision to eat the food which will get them to their goal and plan accordingly within the calories they need.  After all, eating more than you need, no matter how clean or how hard you’re hitting your programs, if you’re taking in more calories than can be used, it needs to be stored somewhere… and that somewhere is fat.

4) They understand it’s a “pleasure and privilege” to work out.

Working out increases confidence, changes your body and makes you feel genuinely awesome. Not everyone in this world can run, jump or lift and the fact you can… relish that. Working out should never be an exercise in drudgery– it’s fun. By finding a program you enjoy, you’re making sure this happens.

5) They realize fitness isn’t always about weight loss- it’s about making a better life for yourself.

Measurements aren’t taken on the scale, they’re taken in the inseam and shirt size– IE, the way you look and  feel.  Nobody ever said, “He/She weighs awesome.”

6) They use the power of momentum.

Morning noon or night, working out 6 days a week builds momentum– momentum that propels you to change which propels you to motivation. The fact is, when you’re consistent, you’re moving forward. When you’re not, you’re simply spinning your wheels or sliding backwards.

7) They switch it up.

If you’re getting bored, try something new. Beachbody has a suite of programs for beginners, middleweights and advanced levels of fitness. Tired of Insanity? Try P90X. Tired of P90X, build in a hybrid with Asylum. Try P90X2. Try Chalean Extreme. Try Turbofire or Les Mills Pump. The options are out there– make it fun.

8) They’re not going it alone.

Don’t be a hermit! Plug in to friends, support and others. Work out with a buddy, share your success and progress with others. Become a Coach and help those around you.

9) They train hard.

Intensity is the name of the game. Going through the motions might build a decent fitness base– bringing the intensity will take you to new heights and increase your results.

10) They follow a schedule.

It’s not just a “I’ll find time when I have it”. The ripped and fit know what they’re doing the next day and they know when they’re doing it. Then, well…. they do it.

11) They track their nutrition.

For those who don’t track nutrition, plugging in everything they’ve eaten in a day is always an eye-opener. Inevitably, they find they’re eating too little or too much. Keeping a daily nutrition log (via tools like myfitness pal or Livestrong’s My Plate) trains you to know what your body needs and how much of what is enough.

12) They get their Zzzz’s.

Sleep is important… and not just a few hours– they know 8 hours of sleep is critical for recovery and energy. They also tend to fall asleep faster and rest better.

13) They drink their water.

Most people are underhydrated. Water maintains appetite, keeps “puffy” retention away and deliver the hydration your body needs– especially if you’re working out.

14) They’re not afraid to fail.

And I’m not talking fail as in “give up”. I mean fail in reps. They go ’til they can’t go no more and then they push out one or two more.

15) They understand  muscle tone doesn’t come without taking away the fat first.

Muscle tone comes when fat goes away. There’s no way around it. Fat goes by working it off and eating right. Do those consistently and you’ll be ripped and toned because your body has no other choice.

Incorporating just a few of these “secrets” will help you make changes you may not have ever thought possible. Add me as your free coach and I’ll be here to cheer to help wherever I can. 


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