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The Challenge Group: Accountability, Support, Success

So you’re gearing up to make a change– the kick in the pants you need to get fired up and IN IT TO WIN IT. A real opportunity to complete the goals you may have tapered out on in the past or ensure your kicking booty in looking and feeling awesome. Time to step into The Challenge Group!

So here’s the deal– The Challenge Group is about getting some “skin in the game” and making a commitment through joining an accountability-minded team of 5 people working together (nearby or across country– it doesn’t matter) doing the same Beachbody program like P90X, Insanity, Brazil Butt Lift, Les Mills Pump, Turbofire or any other.

It’s a group committed to using the same supplements, staying accountable to each other and having me (Coach Dan) as their coach during the entire 90 days (or 60 days if using Insanity, 30 if using Asylum). As the head Coach I’ll create a private Facebook group (with the name your team chooses) where our team will connect, encourage, brag, challenge and stay in contact during the full Challenge period. It’s strength in numbers– and who knows… some teams like to throw down a little something to sweeten the pot.

Challenge Groups Are Crazy Effective. Here’s Why.

There’s strength in numbers. While knocking out a fitness program on your own is possible and has been done with some pretty impressive results, there’s added motivation with others looking and encouraging. It’s a commitment. When you keep the groups small (5 people), communication is streamlined and focused and you’re able to hold each other accountable and push each other even more than being part of a large group.

“…this group was exactly what I needed. The level of support that was given was great. EVERYONE in the group was as motivated to be successful… With the amount of support from this group, and the way it made you feel so accountable for your diet and work out, there was no way to not be 100% committed.”

Plus, there’s inevitably some chest-pounding competition going on (you got how many push-ups?– it’s on!), allowing you to push harder and gain even better results than you might have alone. It’s not uncommon for me to hear people credit their groups with keeping their eye on success and after their goals. No doubt, The Challenge Group is a recipe for success. A recipe that when baked, smells like champions, brawn and the musk of real-world fitness confidence and success!

How Do I Link Up In A Challenge Group?

1) First step is easy– make me your coach if you haven’t already. It’s free, (click here to make it happen), no obligation and you’ll have constant access to me for questions and support and I’ll be checking in daily with each challenge group. If you haven’t signed up, go ahead and do it now. I’ll wait….

Done? Sweet.

2) Second, a Challenge Group requirement is the use of a Beachbody program like P90X, Turbofire, Insanity, Asylum, etc. as well as a commitment to use Shakeology. That’s not a pitch– there’s a reason for that second part. Shakeology is a supplement  I’ve been using for over two years now (here’s why) and a year before I began coaching. It’s the real deal, nutritionally awesome and will get you to your goals as nutrition is such an important aspect of these programs. It was key for me and has worked liked gangbusters for many of those I’ve coached. If you’re after the best results possible, Shakeology (as a meal replacement every day) combined with on-point nutrition as laid out in these programs is key. If you’re into detail, you can check out more here.

3) Join The Challenge Group by picking up a Challenge Pack in one quick step… see below.

Challenge Packs Make It All Easy

Beachbody has released Challenge Packs that combine Shakeology, the workout program, and a free month’s Club Membership (access to message boards, a meal planner and 10% discount on anything Beachbody)- a triumvirate of support. Best part is you save quite a bit and get full guarantees on all products you buy (E-Bay and Craig’s List lead to heartbreak and pirated stuff that’s junk).

Picking up a Challenge Pack walks you through all three steps needed to join a challenge group in one shot.  By signing up for the Challenge through the discreet “I’m Ready” link below, you’ll be ready to rock. Once you’re set up, email me at and we’ll get your start date. If you aren’t currently in a group, I will team you up with 4 other people who are intent on tackling the same program and goals in your exclusive team Facebook group.

I’m Now In Your Challenge Group, What’s Next?

Accountability! Share your goals with everyone in your Challenge Group, including me. Once in the group, post your daily workouts, thoughts and bragging rights. Post your nutrition, ask any and all questions or provide support to your team members. While doing your program, take progress photos every 15 days and post them in the group as well. Your group is a judgement free zone and we all start somewhere– it’s critical for keeping you accountable and a great way to show each other results and inspire one another in staying committed!

We Looking At Any Prizes?

Heck yes. What’s a challenge without the reward… six pack aside? When you register above, you’ll be entered into the the Beachbody Challenge– where Beachbody is giving  away daily, monthly, quarterly, and even a grand prize of $100,000 for those with the best results… so take your pictures and PUSH HARD (more about the prizes can be found here).

Let’s Do This

If I’ve invited you to a Challenge Group or you’re seeking one out/would like to start one yourself, there may not be a better way to link into unlimited support, encouragement, friendly competition, and serious prizes to help you jump-start your journey into the best shape of your life. Let’s crush this thing!

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