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Kristin’s Insanity Workout Results

As a Mom and a high-demand professional photographer, Kristin was a woman on the go… and a “workout hater”.  But over the course of 60 days, Kristin became a woman transformed, both figuratively and literally. In short, she rocked it!
So what got Kristin to change her habits and slip into skinny jeans and a flat […]

Mike Crushes It With P90X and Body Beast Success

If there’s one thing we try to get across here at HDIGF it’s this: Consistency in P90X workouts and nutrition pay off BIG TIME. Not just in how you look but in health. Mike S. is a great example of both.
Overweight, lethargic and ultimately diagnosed with a medical condition as a result, Mike S. decided […]

Robert Made P90X A Blowtorch

Robert has an awesome story of determination to change the course of his life with P90X success– something you might expect when you see his killer results. And those results? Brought about by pure determination, discipline, nutrition and a little program we like to call P90X. Robert lost 53 pounds and continues to look for […]

Nicki’s KILLER P90X Transformation: P90X For Boys? Puh-lease.

We’ve seen some great P90X transformations here at How Do I Get Fit but they’ve always been kind of guy focused– after all, P90X is for dudes, right? WRONG. I’ve posted on the P90X’s lady-friendly, fat-torching benefits before but rest assured, P90X will hand-deliver results to anyone with dedication and persistence. If you’re looking for P90X […]

Ken S. Took P90X And Crushed It

Since we’re a team of like-minded folks out to improve both our outlook on life and our fit in a swimsuit, I wanted to keep everyone updated on others progress and successes. Meet Ken S.
Like many of us, Ken was in it to win it– fit and focused on staying that way. As the years […]