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Snack Attack: 14 Smart (And Easy) Go-To Snacks

Crinkle, Crinkle, Crunch. I dunno about you but when I used to hear the word snack, my mind instantly connected with¬† brightly colored bags/boxes packed with nutrition-light, crap-heavy stuff that rhymes with “shmoritos”, “shnandy” and “bookies”. Since you’re on a quest for better health and a better body with P90X2, P90X, Insanity or any other […]

Mid-Morning Snack: Protein Packed Fage Yogurt Parfait

Easy, portable snacks can be hard to come by. Yeah, you can eat protein bars and protein shakes but it’s nice to get some “whole food” in there every once in a while. So here’s a quick, delicious, portable,¬† filling and macro-nutrient packed snack I eat almost every single day.
Greek Yogurt Parfait
(2) 6 oz. Fage […]