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Focus T25- Is It The Fitness Program For You?

Focus T25 is a workout designed and totally focused on revolutionizing the way you think about fitness results and the time spent achieving them. SWEET!
That said, as many as have loved it and achieved killer results, I’ve had individuals who decided it wasn’t quite up their alley. Of course, that’s not saying the program isn’t […]

Shaun T.’s T25 Hits! You Now Have Time To Work Out.

T25 has arrived! I know you’ve been patiently waiting… and doesn’t it feel good when a wait is over? Heck yes it does.
So what is T25? Shaun T’s New T25 kicks the “I don’t have time to work out” excuse right where it counts. 25 minutes of intensity and a sprint to results… in and […]

Focus T25 IS HERE

Focus T25 has arrived. If you’re a fan of Shaun T. programs like Insanity and Asylum Volume 1 and 2… that’s fantastic news for the first half of June 2013 is good.
Introducing FOCUS T25
18 months in development, T25 is focused on making workouts crazy short. Of course, that doesn’t mean “Easy”. The expectation is you […]

Insanity “On Sale” ‘Til August 6th… But VIP Members Get 10% Off Forever

We’ve had lots of Insanity action here at HDIGF. I’ve used it to lean out and we’ve seen some pretty impressive results. In short, the program DELIVERS. If you’re interested in getting in on the game, Beachbody has a sale going where you can save $10 off shipping (usually $24.95), which is pretty impressive as […]


Oh yeah- and I typed that with some serious all cap action. I just ordered my copy of Asylum and will be diving into it Monday or Tuesday, but if you want to get started on the journey P90X and Insanity have lead you to in sports-specific training, now’s your chance to order right here, […]

Asylum Is Here …

It’s no secret… we’ve been absolutely stoked for Shaun T.’s Insanity follow-up Asylum to hit and have been losing sleep over it ever since the program was announced. If you’ve been waiting for a program to take your P90X/Insanity fitness to the next level–your wait is over. The Asylum is primed and ready to jack […]

OFFICIAL Asylum Video Preview

Ok, I mentioned I was excited for Asylum a while back… but after watching this new video (similar to the first, but better resolution), I’m officially stoked: more moves including weight resistance, jumping pullups and HUUUUGE distance hops. Check it out:

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Insanity: The Asylum

Coach MC (aka- group fitness instructor and certified AFAA member Mari-Catherine) swears by Shaun T.’s Insanity. When she’s asked “How do I get a body like yours?”–which is often– her answer is always “Insanity”. That and being a limit-pushing 5’9″ cardio queen and genetic marvel. Still, Insanity is a program we’ve both loved. She hits […]

Veteran’s Day… Insanity Style

While Veteran’s Day doesn’t get nearly the national love of other holidays, it’s no less important. Which makes Shaun T. giving some sweat-filled props and encouragement to a group of  Marines, Airmen, Soldiers and Sailors on a Veteran’s Day visit to El Paso, Texas pretty cool.

To those serving at home and abroad– thank you. And […]