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Winning With Beachbody Fitness: Shina’s Journey

Meet Shina. She’s been on a mission since starting P90X earlier this year. And it’s a mission she’s absolutely CRUSHING and leveraging to inspire others… and in that, there’s definitely no shortage of inspiration. Combined with P90X, Insanity and Les Mills Combat, Shina has nuked fat (50 lbs. and counting!), pant-sizes (down from a 14 […]

P90X Workout Results: Enter Fernando

When it comes to the P90X workout, you either get results or you don’t. And if you don’t, well… you didn’t do the program. Not that anyone would ever mistake Fernando for someone who tried P90X and gassed out. No, Fernando took P90X and owned it. Faster, Better, Stronger. P90X poster boy?
I’d say so:

So how’d […]

Results Frustration: “I’m “X” Weeks Into My Program And I Still Look The Same!”

If there’s one common point of frustration when it comes to fitness, it’s this: “I’ve been working out every day since I got my program. I’m now [2-6 weeks] into my program and I haven’t seen any change in my [weight, measurements, mirror]. I’m so frustrated I could eat my heart rate monitor!”
If you’re feeling […]

Can I Work Out When I’m Pregnant? MC Did…

Pregnancy is the real deal– full of changes, new feelings, amazement, miracles and new levels of discomfort. But when it comes to me doling out advice on workout out while pregnant, you’ll need to talk to your Doctor and let them have the final say.
But I do know pregnancy is often an “excuse” where one […]

Mike Crushes It With P90X and Body Beast Success

If there’s one thing we try to get across here at HDIGF it’s this: Consistency in P90X workouts and nutrition pay off BIG TIME. Not just in how you look but in health. Mike S. is a great example of both.
Overweight, lethargic and ultimately diagnosed with a medical condition as a result, Mike S. decided […]

When Will I See The Results My Beachbody Program Promised?

Results. They’re the end game, right? Fat and busted self esteem being blow-torched to reveal muscle, tone and confidence. But if there’s one thing most everyone (including myself when I first started P90X four years ago) wants to know… when am I going to see results?
The question is a great one and hopefully something that […]

Six Pack Secrets For P90X & Asylum Results: Ken’s “Lazy Guy Diet”

Another nutrition post? BLEEP yes another nutrition post!!
Nutrition is the difference between results and RESULTS. And Fit Spot! member Ken? He’s got RESULTS.
Can I get a “Bam!?”:

At 45 years old, Ken’s used P90X, P90X2 and Asylum Volume 2 to reach his fitness goals and create a physique that’s envied by dudes half his age.  Since […]

HDIGF Success Stories

Nicki torched 60 lbs. with P90X. Her results must be seen to be believed.
Mike beat sleep apnea and dropped pant sizes like it was going out of style using P90X, P90X2 and Body Beast.
Chase used P90X to go from “Couch Potato Guy” to “My Wife Thinks I’m Hot” Man.
Insanity carved David from normal to outstanding.
Ken […]

Robert Made P90X A Blowtorch

Robert has an awesome story of determination to change the course of his life with P90X success– something you might expect when you see his killer results. And those results? Brought about by pure determination, discipline, nutrition and a little program we like to call P90X. Robert lost 53 pounds and continues to look for […]

When Will I Start Seeing My P90X Results?

Boy, girl, young or old, we all came to the P90X/Insanity/Beachbody fitness table for one thing: Results. I came to the program wanting to get to the point I could do my laundry on my abs. Others simply want to trim down or walk up a flight of stairs without passing out. Everyone has their […]