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Fit 2 FAQ: Weight Loss Boobs and Vegan Recovery

OK, honestly, I never thought I’d be using the word “boobs” in a post title or as anything but a reference my my pre-P90X “man-maries” but sure enough, there it is: “boobs” in big ol’ b’s and o’s.  But hey, if we can’t talk honestly and maturely about fitness and its effects, what can we […]

The Fitness Two FAQ: The Best Fitness Program & Recovery Week Nutrition

Fitness 2 F-A-Q is here yet again. This week’s action touches on choosing the right program (is one the “best”?) and what to do with your eating on recovery weeks. Let’s get to it!
Which Workout Program Is The Best?
Question: I feel so confused by the ridiculous amount of info out there regarding which types of […]

Should You Take Recovery Formula Before Bed? Yes, No… Maybe So.

Recovery Formula is some good stuff based on breakthrough sports science. And while it’s easy to take in the morning when there’s plenty of benefit to working out before the day gets started , what happens when you need to work out at night and that happens to be just before you go to bed? […]

What’s The Deal With Glutamine?

Glutamine (aka- glutamic acid/L-Glutamine) is a fairly popular supplement– one I use both post-workout and before I hit the sack every night. While I didn’t taken Glutamine in my first round of P90X, I started using it a couple months ago with noticeably great results. My “soreness” recovery is faster and I’ve been able to […]