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How To Survive The Holidays Without “Eating Guilt”

Holidays are The Devil. OK, that may be overstating it because holidays are awesome… BUT there’s nothing better at derailing a desire for change than using the holidays as an excuse to delay. They’re also pretty good at sending people sliding down the slippery slope of falling off their fitness bandwagon. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, […]

Ultimate Reset Science Results

Eating right and well is something that can be tough to do and even tougher to learn to do right. Unless you have a bit of guidance, it’s very easy to “eat healthy” when in fact you’re kind of not. I get a lot of responses to the question “How’s your nutrition” that go a […]

Nutrition Tips From The Real World

This post is about nutrition tips but bear with me here for the “parallel of the day”:
I suck at home projects. I’ll put them off for years a little bit thinking about how difficult they might be, how I’ll end up power drilling my hand into the new closet rod or blowing up the bathroom […]

Can I Have A Cheat Meal?

I’ve addressed the  topic of the cheat meal before but I’m going to hit it again as cheat meals are a subject in constant circulation and often misunderstood and/or abused to frustrating results. You’ll find opinions all over the place but this one is mine based off personal experience and coaching others through their Beachbody […]

Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato fries.  They’re the new hotness. Colorful, orange, fiber and vitamin-packed goodness fried up and served to order. Wait… fried? I’m calling shenanigans!
Look, if you’re going the route of losing weight, you don’t have to give up sweet potato fries. At all. You just prepare them differently by getting rid of the deep fryer […]

Example Of A Virtually Perfect Day Of Eating

Eating “perfect” sounds way too A-Type personality, doesn’t it? After all, nobody’s perfect except Photoshopped Fitness models and my Lady-Friend. Look, I say it all the time but you don’t need to (but you can if you want, I guess) eat tuna out of a can with a couple carrot sticks when you’re on a […]

Breakfast Sausage Recipe

Eating Clean: Breakfast Sausage
Breakfast sausage has always been a greasy, artery clogging breakfast staple of the typical “country breakfast” variety. And sure it can taste great but sausage hasn’t typically ever lined up with the goals of eating clean and avoiding ground up “mystery meat”. But hey- if you think you can’t get your morning […]

The Truth About Eating 5-6 Six Meals A Day

As you undergo a fitness program like P90X, Insanity or Les Mills Pump, the nutrition guides all share a common theme: eat six small meals a day.  Eating six small meals a day has become the go-to recommendation for the fitness world in general but comes with a pretty big misconception– a misconception that’s somehow […]

Cheat Meals– Taboo or “Yahooooo”?

Cheat meals are a hot topic. You’ve got one side that equates a cheat meals with kicking the dog or drowning kittens and you’ve got the other who prop it up as a point of sanity and keeping your body in check to avoid your metabolism and hypothalamus “normalizing”.
Thing is, they’re both well intentioned. Well, […]

Attack of the Killer Leafy Greens

Maaaaaaaaaan. A post about leafy greens? What about the push ups and pull ups and workout news and tips? This ain’t no vegetarian nutrition blog, DAN.
I know, I know… but I’m blaming this one on sensational headlines. They made me do it. So, for today…consider this a friendly Public Service Announcement.
In a recent finding circulated […]