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Fire-It-Up Fitness Motivation: NOW

No matter what your fitness level, no matter what your checkered past might be with staying consistent in that fat-torching or muscle building program, there’s always the prospect of NOW. NOW begins change. NOW puts your past defeats behind you. NOW puts your future success in front of you. Whether new and taking that first […]

Fire It Up- Start Now Edition

Fire it Up!
Getting started in anything can be tough. Fitness and the process of changing yourself from round to ripped can be even more so. Whether it’s obstacles of excuse, fear of change, hesitation to get uncomfortable or any other mental roadblock, here’s to this week’s Fire-It-Up giving that nudge to get a first foot […]

Fire It Up! Midweek Fitness Motivisualization

HDIGF’s Fire It Up got wind you may need something special to pump you up and get you firing again on a midweek humpday (not to make any weekday jealous– take your pick, we don’t discriminate). And when Fire It Up gets the call for inspiration or snappy words of wisdom, you know it’s ready […]