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If You Want It, You Can Get It

How many of us tend to talk down to ourselves? See a goal we’d love to reach, that elusive six pack, that new pant size, the successful completion of a program… and then say “Oh I can’t. That can’t be me.” Are you guilty of that self-defeating thought process? I know I’ve been at times […]

Fire-It-Up: Simple Truth Edition

Friiiiiidaaaaaay! So awesome… or a quick descent into inconsistency and goal busting weekend speed bumps with a break in the weekly routine? It’s your choice but Fire-It-Up is here to give some simple truth reminders about what you’re doing, where you’re headed and the choices you can make to keep things on track and serve […]

If You’re Doing P90X, Insanity or a Chalene Johnson Program…KEEP. GOING.

Man, getting fit and built is a slow, tough process. I get it. I was fat. I was bloopy. My chest, gut and back jiggled when I ran down the stairs. The sight of a treadmill sent me hissing and crying to the nearest TV-facing Lazy-Boy (which, ironically, lead me to the P90X infomercial). I […]

Winning The Mental Fitness Game: Five Things To Remember Every Day

Sometimes your trek to all around fitness and “I’ll wear a swimsuit at the drop of a hat, thank you” can be one filled with highs and lows. Anyone who says it’s all fun all the time is full of crap. It can be tough! And the toughest parts aren’t even the sweat, the burn […]

Fitness Reality: At First, You’ll Suck

Your Beachbody fitness program is a funny thing. You buy something like Insanity because you’ve seen the results others have enjoyed. You want the same. You know it’ll be some tough work but you’re ready and willing to give it the ol’ college try. You get the fitness program, pop your first workout in the […]

In Your Fitness, It’s You Versus…

Internet motivation videos are a dime a dozen but sometimes there’s one that comes along (or in this case… came along a couple years ago) to take the words right out of my mouth.But in this case, the narrator’s voice is way cooler than mine.
When it comes to the goals and drive you had to […]

Not Making Fitness Progress? Stay Calm and Read On!

If there’s one fitness roadblock I’d love to run out of town on a rail, it’s the “I’m not seeing any change” issue. It’s a very, very common concern and one I totally sympathize with (I was there at one point)- but that doesn’t make it any less of a punk that has the insidious […]

5 Mistakes When Doing P90X, Insanity, Les Mills Etc. (And How To Fix Them)

Fitness mistakes. P90X, Les Mills, Insanity, Turbofire— we all make ’em so hey… embrace ’em.
But don’t get TOO snuggly.
Knowing mistakes are inevitable doesn’t mean you can’t do your BEST, learn from those mistakes and give them a dropkick right in the butt-chops next time they show up at your door with a forget-me-not bouquet and […]

Fire It Up! Work Your Workout Edition

Often imitated but never duplicated, it’s another midweek round of HDIGF’s mostly original and always motivational Fire It Up fitness images and quotes- aka, unrefined 100% organic Motivisualization.
This week’s theme was caught hanging around the water cooler spiking the jug with E & E and yapping about the best time to work out. We recently […]

Fire It Up! Momentum Edition

Fire It Up Friday once again arrives motivisualizationally nutritious AND delicious. Just in time to fuel your push into the weekend… or any other day of the week for that matter. Of course, we know pretty pictures and verbal kicks to the pants/”I want this” cortex of the brain only go so far. The real […]