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XBOX Fitness: P90X, Insanity and The Power of Kinect

Love or hate the new XBOX One (gamer or not), a recently leaked page on Xbox’s website has revealed something P90X and Insanity fans should be pretty stoked about: P90X and Insanity (courtesy of Tony Horton and Shaun T) are both coming, in part, to XBOX One via XBOX Fitness:
Introducing the future of fitness. Experience […]

Will I lose muscle Mass With Insanity?

You’ve been working hard at your fitness thanks to programs like P90X or Body Beast. You’ve added some muscle. You want to try Insanity for a little conditioning and to lose that last bit of body fat.
But wait… Insanity is a cardio based program. And cardio is the sworn enemy to hypertrophy (aka- muscle growth), […]

Kristin’s Insanity Workout Results

As a Mom and a high-demand professional photographer, Kristin was a woman on the go… and a “workout hater”.  But over the course of 60 days, Kristin became a woman transformed, both figuratively and literally. In short, she rocked it!
So what got Kristin to change her habits and slip into skinny jeans and a flat […]

Focus T25 IS HERE

Focus T25 has arrived. If you’re a fan of Shaun T. programs like Insanity and Asylum Volume 1 and 2… that’s fantastic news for the first half of June 2013 is good.
Introducing FOCUS T25
18 months in development, T25 is focused on making workouts crazy short. Of course, that doesn’t mean “Easy”. The expectation is you […]

NEW Insanity Workouts: Sanity Check + Fast And Furious Abs

Insanity has upped its game and widened its sweat-soaked net! Whether you’re an Insanity grad or just thinking about starting the program, Shaun T. has added TWO new Insanity workouts to the line-up– and if you’ve considered starting Insanity, one of them is an absolute must-have. Introducing SANITY CHECK and FAST & FURIOUS: ABS.
As one of the […]

Four Tips To Increase Your Pullup Count

Pullups. P90X loves ’em and the new Insanity (Asylum) will be doing them as well. Thing is… they’re TOUGH. When I first started P90X, I could only do three… and the third looked more like a wriggling, gasping  fish on a hook than an actual pullup. You may find you can do more. You may […]

How Is The Asylum Different From Insanity?

Insanity: The Asylum is a program I tear into with reckless abandon. This may sound like high praise but I love, love, LOVE this program. It’s intense but not “undoably” intense. Asylum requires skill, coordination and endurance but always leaves you feeling accomplished and WORKED by the end of each session– not to mention “I […]

How Do I Target Specific Muscles With Insanity?

A common Insanity question I often get is people wondering how to focus on SPECIFIC muscle groups or areas of the body. The answer is pretty simple:
You don’t.
I know, I know! That’s a lame answer but check this out: Insanity is a full body cardio conditioning program- one that works you top to bottom through […]

Asylum: Volume 2

Oh, it’s on. Asylum: Volume 2 is here!
If you tackled Insanity: The Asylum, you know it was easily one of the most challenging, yet unbelievably fun workouts you may have ever done in your life. And the fact you’ve got athletes like Apolo Ohno and Hope Solo using it… it’s legit. As you may have […]

Insanity Says Tighten Your Core- Here’s How

If you’re churning through the “am I seriously doing this?” Insanity workout, you know the rallying cry is all about tightening the core. You’re constantly being told to “tighten your core” but unless you’re practiced and used to deflecting flurries of high speed Kung Fu punches with the power of your abs gut armor, the […]