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Fitness Motivation: Fire It Up!

When it comes to fitness, there’s a few simple truths: Change creates change, Rome wasn’t built in a day, six packs are made in the kitchen, a combination of weights and cardio benefits everybody and HDIGF is awesome. This week’s Fire It Up is pretty much an affirmation of those simple truths but we’ll leave […]

Fire It Up: Fitness Midweek Momentum

Fire it Up!
If there’s one hurdle that’s critical to keeping with and accomplishing your fitness goals, it’s believing you can do it. It’s believing you WILL do it. Truth is, there’s not anyone out there who hasn’t had self doubt or questioned their vision. The only difference between those who failed and those who succeeded […]

Fire It Up! Midweek Fitness Motivisualization

HDIGF’s Fire It Up got wind you may need something special to pump you up and get you firing again on a midweek humpday (not to make any weekday jealous– take your pick, we don’t discriminate). And when Fire It Up gets the call for inspiration or snappy words of wisdom, you know it’s ready […]

Fire It Up! Momentum Edition

Fire It Up Friday once again arrives motivisualizationally nutritious AND delicious. Just in time to fuel your push into the weekend… or any other day of the week for that matter. Of course, we know pretty pictures and verbal kicks to the pants/”I want this” cortex of the brain only go so far. The real […]

Fire-It-Up Friday– AKA The Friday Five

The Friday Five has had a transformation! I love whipping up five, butt-slapping, gear-shifting inspirational quotes and marrying them to five inspirational images through the power of Photoshop but I love answering emails and helping you reach your goals more. So here we go… The Friday Five is now morphing into something more manageable but […]

Friday Five VII: A Week’s Worth of Motivation

Friday Five is up and at ’em with five inspirational/motivational images to fire it up, add fuel to your tank, deliver some tough love and keep you sailing to your goals/taking the leap the accomplishing them. You got this, so keep rockin’ it!

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Friday Five IV: Weekly Motivation

Welcome to Friday… where How Do I Get Fit offers up its usual weekly dose of visual inspiration for every day of the work week passed… and every other day to come. No matter where you are in your P90X, Insanity or Beachbody journey… Keep rockin’ it.

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The Friday Five III– Motivation Served Up Weekly

It’s Friday… again! Get ready to fire up the internal motivation because Fridays mean nothing less than another round of visual motivation courtesy of How Do I Get Fit.

As always, keep rockin’ it.

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The Friday Five II: Weekly Motivation

Your weekly dose of visual inspiration starts right about now:

Plug in, focus and  keep the fire burning.

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The Friday Five: Weekend Motivation

Sometimes a little visual motivation goes a long way. Consider these your weekend “long way”:

Fire it up, keep rockin’ it and stay motivated, my friends.

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