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Fire It Up: Fitness Midweek Momentum

Fire it Up!
If there’s one hurdle that’s critical to keeping with and accomplishing your fitness goals, it’s believing you can do it. It’s believing you WILL do it. Truth is, there’s not anyone out there who hasn’t had self doubt or questioned their vision. The only difference between those who failed and those who succeeded […]

Fire It Up- Start Now Edition

Fire it Up!
Getting started in anything can be tough. Fitness and the process of changing yourself from round to ripped can be even more so. Whether it’s obstacles of excuse, fear of change, hesitation to get uncomfortable or any other mental roadblock, here’s to this week’s Fire-It-Up giving that nudge to get a first foot […]

Fire It Up Friday- You CAN

If there’s one critical element to changing your health, fitness and life– it’s realizing you can… and will. So to gently give that thought in your mind–wherever it’s hanging out these days–a kick to the front of the line, we proudly present you with another original round of How Do I Get Fit’s Friday Five. […]

Fire It Up Friday: Stop Cuddling Edition

It’s Friday… Fire It Up! In this edition, a couple excuses have called in and well… they’re lame. We could go out and make lemonade out of those lemons but lemonade uses too much sugar. So we’ve made them a punching bag instead… for your visual motivation, of course. Keep rockin’ it!

Additional motivation and real-world […]

Fire It Up Friday- Visual Fitness Motivation For Thought

Fire It Up Friday arrives with some food for thought: Make your inner strength show, practice makes perfect and carving the body you want is the result of the one-two punch of fitness and nutrition. Keep rockin’ it!
Additional motivation and real-world support can also be found here by making me your Free Beachbody Coach.

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Fire It Up Friday- Train Vs. Complain

Fire It Up Friday has arrived and is making up for being caught playing a mean game of doorbell ditch. Time to fuel up your workouts and rededicate yourself to your training program and fitness goals. Keep rockin’ it!
Additional motivation and real-world support can also be found here by making me your Free Beachbody Coach.

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Fire-It-Up Friday– AKA The Friday Five

The Friday Five has had a transformation! I love whipping up five, butt-slapping, gear-shifting inspirational quotes and marrying them to five inspirational images through the power of Photoshop but I love answering emails and helping you reach your goals more. So here we go… The Friday Five is now morphing into something more manageable but […]