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Fit 2 FAQ: Weight Loss Boobs and Vegan Recovery

OK, honestly, I never thought I’d be using the word “boobs” in a post title or as anything but a reference my my pre-P90X “man-maries” but sure enough, there it is: “boobs” in big ol’ b’s and o’s.  But hey, if we can’t talk honestly and maturely about fitness and its effects, what can we […]

Calorie Deficit Backfire: When You Think You’re Helping… And You’re Not

Calorie Deficits. They’re great, right? Reduce your food intake below what your body typically uses and watch the fat fly. Success!
Weeeeeell… kinda. After a while, deficits do have their drawbacks– even more so with extreme calorie deficits (I’m looking at you, sub-1200 calorie lovers).
So let me set this one up: I want to address those […]

The Real You Is Waiting

Being “fat” is no fun. I don’t say that as a guy who’s judging– I’m saying that as a guy who was packing almost 50 surplus pounds of “jiggle jelly” from knees to butt to back to chest to face just a couple years ago. Packing excess fat kills your mobility, self-esteem, energy levels, long-term […]