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Examples of Body Fat Percentage

Body Fat. We all want to obliterate it, melt it, burn it off and send it packing. Body fat has its place but in excess it clogs things up, squeezes important organs and pretty much gives us an express ticket to low self confidence, illness and at worst an early out from this world to […]

Track REAL Progress With This EASY Online Fat Measurement Tool

When it comes to P90X, P90X2, Insanity, Asylum or even Slim in 6 or Hip-Hop Abs, Rule # 1 is this: we’re not targeting weight, we’reĀ  that ooey-gooey muscle mayo hamburger/pizza/soda binges have slathered over your body and packed into spots that make us look less “pleasantly plump” than “lumpy in all the wrong places”. […]