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Asylum: Volume 2

Oh, it’s on. Asylum: Volume 2 is here!
If you tackled Insanity: The Asylum, you know it was easily one of the most challenging, yet unbelievably fun workouts you may have ever done in your life. And the fact you’ve got athletes like Apolo Ohno and Hope Solo using it… it’s legit. As you may have […]

Add Variety and A Good Butt-Kicking With The Asylum

What’s the hardest workout you’ve ever done? No, I’m not talking about the hardest “I hated every second of it so I hit it with a shovel and buried it in the back yard under the hydrangeas”– I mean the hardest workout you’ve loved, gritted, sweat and worked through and came out the other side […]

The Rumor Mill- 2012 Summit Edition

It’s been a while since the last Rumor Mill but with Beachbody Summit 2013 2012 having unleashed a ton of new information I thought this was the best format to dish it up with. So while it’s not technically rumors… it’s fact… this is still stuff in the pipeline that I’m genuinely excited about.
Without further […]

Finished With P90X2? Enter The Asylum

So you’ve finished P90X2. You’ve put in your 90+ days, trusted the program and come out the other side with a ballistic-resistant core and the superhero skill of throwing down Levers and 4-Med-Ball-Push-Ups in your sleep. So what next? After a week of active rest, another round of P90X2 is always a solid option but […]

Anthony “A-Money” + Asylum = AAA Performance

Meet Anthony “A-Money” T.– founding Fit Spot! Member and all around cool guy who earned some FANTASTIC results with The Asylum (Shaun T.’s 30-day sports performance program follow-up to Insanity ). And the best part? He’s not even done yet.
As a student attending George Mason University, Anthony was all about a juggling a lifestyle split […]

3 Stops, 1 Conclusion: Don’t Go Too “Super” on The P90X Superman Move

If you’re a regular reader, you’ve probably noticed a few extra posts regarding form and injury. I’m not trying to be the one-trick pony but you can blame it all on a nagging lower back tweak I’m enjoying thanks to some over-achieving P90X Superman moves (Core Synergistics) and their Asylum variation called “Swimmers” (Game Day […]

Rethinking Dairy

Wait.. rethinking? Yeah, as in “verb: To reconsider, especially profoundly”. I’m a huge fan of dairy and have been from the time I discovered the creamy, cheesy goodness that made my world go ’round for 30+ years. So this has been kind of hard but I think today’s status on my Facebook page pretty much […]

Asylum Challenge

If you’ve done, or are doing, Insanity you know Shaun T. doesn’t mess around. The dude is awesome, a motivator and ripped as it gets. Thing is, if you look at the difference between Shaun T. in Insanity and Shaun T. in Asylum– you’ll think Shaun T. was pounding extra pizzas between takes. Asylum has […]


Oh yeah- and I typed that with some serious all cap action. I just ordered my copy of Asylum and will be diving into it Monday or Tuesday, but if you want to get started on the journey P90X and Insanity have lead you to in sports-specific training, now’s your chance to order right here, […]

Asylum Is Here …

It’s no secret… we’ve been absolutely stoked for Shaun T.’s Insanity follow-up Asylum to hit and have been losing sleep over it ever since the program was announced. If you’ve been waiting for a program to take your P90X/Insanity fitness to the next level–your wait is over. The Asylum is primed and ready to jack […]