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SALE: Now Is The Time To Order P90X Recovery Formula

We’re big, big fans of recovery drinks here at How Do I Get Fit. They quickly resupply spent energy stores, give shredded and fatigued muscle and immediate boost, reduce soreness and quicken recovery for continued rounds of Digging Deep/Bringing It. There are definitely a few options out there, including the P90X Results and Recovery Formula, which is one of the better options. It’s usually $49.95 for a tub, but right now (for the first time ever thanks to a recent formula change), P90X Results and Recovery Formula is on clearance for $29.95 a tub.

That’s a MEASLEY one buck per serving and if you’re familiar with Recovery Formula pricing, this is a great deal. We’re stocking up with at least three or four.

If you’re interested, CLICK HERE to order and do it quick. The sale ends when the stock clears and it’s been going for a week now. Good luck! 


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  1. Kristen says:

    I was looking for a discounted price on P90x recovery drink but it states there is an error on the page. I can not order it at the $29.95?

    • Coach Dan V. says:

      Hi Kristen-

      Yeah, this sale was from a while ago when they switched the formula recipe… so it’s no longer available.

      I’ll message you with a bit more detail.

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