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Review: Jack3d (USB Labs)

Pre-Workout Supplements are the hotness. With the promise of “vascular pumps”, rep-destroying energy and muscle growth beyond your wildest dreams, it’s no wonder. But all the marketing hyperbole aside– do they work? I’ve sampled two over the last six months or so… BSN’s N.O.-XPLODE and USP Labs Jack3d. So what’s the deal with ’em? To find out more about Jack3d, read on. My NO-XPLODE review hits tomorrow.


In the beginning, I was very, very, very cautious and leery before taking these products. With stories about increased heart rate, jitters and crashes– not to mention the outlier horror stories of potential heart problems, etc.– there was a lot to be nervous about. No short-term vanity gain is worth long-term damage.

Still, with some input and a “nuts and bolts” nutritional breakdown of major ingredients from an educated nutritionist/trainer I trust, I took the plunge.

Jack3D Review

Spot It:

The stuff in the small white tub that looks like it was pulled from a medical shelf.


Seems people who have used Jack3d are split when it comes to taste. I happen to think it’s one of the better tasting pre-workout supplements I’ve tried– similar to Crystal Light. Very clean, not overpowering or bitter and no aftertaste– in short, I think it tastes great. Jack3d comes in Blueberry, Lemon-Lime, Tropical Punch and Grape Bubblegum flavors. Lemon-Lime is my fave.


A Jack3d single serving is small (about 5g) and loads you up with 0 calories for a recommended dose of one to  three scoops max. Jack3d mixed quickly, easily and smoothly in a shaker bottle and went down with no grit or residue.


My first shot of Jack3d was pretty close to the energy levels I’d heard others talk about. I used it on Arms & Shoulders and pulled extra reps like it was going out of style. The energy I felt wasn’t an overpowering animal-rage, break-your-arm-off, strap-me-to-a-rocket-I’m-gonna-blow feeling but more a steady, level “I can do this” strength. After the workout, however, I was surging with energy and was wired for about six hours total. The next day I toned down the dosage and was still able to find focus and the energy to go full-on for the full Max Plyo circuit in Insanity. Still, in a few weeks I found I had to take a bit more to get that energy (this is a natural occurence as you body’s receptors adjust and get used to the caffeine overload– it’s the primary reason why you take the product and cycle off for a month or so). As a note, I’ve never used more than 2 scoops at a time as 3 just feels excessive.


I don’t know that I’d call them side-effects but I never “crashed” as the Jack3ed worked out of my system. I also never got that “tingling” from the Beta-Alanine ingredient you often hear about. I was just supplied with what felt like focused energy that allowed me to push out that extra rep.

The Verdict:

There’s a lot of crazy hyperbole (“Mind-blowing”, “vein-disintegrating”, “insanely shredded shredditude”) out there when it comes to this stuff– hyperbole I didn’t feel. Jack3d isn’t mind-blowing and didn’t turn my biceps into solid-fuel rocket boosters that shot me into the moon’s gravitational pull as I punched a hole through it with my new-found might. Jack3d simply delivered an extra boost of energy that allowed me to focus, “Bring It” a little harder and enjoy my workout a little more than usual. If there’s one downside it’s that my body quickly adjusted to it. Still, there is truth in the saying ” too much of a good thing” and this adaptability allowed me to take Jack3d in moderation, which I’d recommend.

In the end, do what you feel good about and definitely start off slow and follow the consumption label if you choose to go with Jack3d. If you’re looking for a pre-workout supplement that works and tastes pretty good, Jack3d fits the bill. 

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  1. Luke Ramey says:

    Thank you for the review i found it very helpful. I want to use this but i only plan to for two months, on and off in those months. I have an Air Force Combat Controller physical test in two months, (im not there yet have to take this test to get in to boot camp. I prefer to use what i have but the other guys started training months ago before i even knew about the job so im at a disadvantage. Do you recommend this product for my situation?

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