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Review: E & E– Energy and Endurance (Beachbody)

If you’ve spent any time strolling through muscle building forums, supplement shops or GNC, pre-workout supplements are HUGE business. Jack3d, 1 MR and N.O-Xplode are some of the better known names but virtually every supplement company has offered up their own concoction for a little workout boost, all of which aim to give you faster and better results. Most all pre-workout supplements boil down to similar ingredients in various doses: energizers (caffeine, DMAA), NO multipliers (L-arginine or citrulline) and brew of Amino Acids (including the tingly beta-alanine).

Beachbody (P90X, Shakeology) has now officially entered the game with their own pre-workout supplement: E&E. The move makes sense. Many of Beachbody’s P90X and Insanity fans use pre-workout supplements. Why not introduce a Beachbody brand but stick to their quality ingredient/natural motto by taking all the crazy ingredient (1,3-Dimethylamylamine– aka, DMAA) and potential risk factors out? After some development, they’ve done just that. What I truly appreciate about Beachbody’s pre-workout (among other things) is that the E&E stands for “Energy and Endurance”. In fact, E & E doesn’t promise mind-blowing pumps– just energy and endurance, thanks.

E & E (Energy and Endurance) Review

Spot It:

There’s only one place to spot E & E and that’s through Team Beachbody or under the supplement link above. Energy & Endurance comes in a 9.7 oz.  tub the same size and dimensions as Jack3d– white plastic, black cap, black label with a dude and a lady showing their energized focus with a P90X-style Kenpo side kick. Take that, fatigue.


Price is $29.95 for a 25 serving tub, which is pretty comparable to other pre-workouts. With a Team Beachbody Club membership, you save 10% ($26.96). Home Direct orders get free shipping.


If there’s one thing you can count on with Beachbody supplements over the last 3 years or so it’s that they’re getting better and better. Beachbody has fully adopted the mantra of “no crap or weird stuff” and are even developing a new line of products with no compromises (Tropical Shakeology is the first). That’s the long version of saying there’s not going to be any artificial sweeteners like sucralose or aspartame which means E&E isn’t going to taste like “Kool-Aid”. Good news is, it doesn’t taste like poison (like you…NEUROCORE!). E & E has a strong lime flavor that can be diluted to a “lime water” taste by adding more H20. For me, E&E tastes like a homemade glass of limeade without the 2 cups of sugar. Punch-lovers may be disappointed in the taste but I found E&E mildly sweet and actually refreshing. As for flavors, Lemon-Lime is the only one available right now.


A suggested E & E single serving is 11g. E&E comes with a small scoop that serves 6g, so two scoops equals one serving. E&E mixed quickly, easily and as smoothly in a shaker bottle. There was little to no grit or chalky residue left over in the final swig and it mixed clean and clear– an indicator of no artificial colors, which I like. No lie– I have shaker bottles stained light orange from the dyes used in some pre-workouts, so “no coloring” was nice to see. The recommended serving of water to mix with is 4-80z. I found 8 oz. watered the flavor down quite a bit.

Ingredients & Calories:

One serving (two scoops) of E&E has 20 calories, most of which come from the 4g of…

…Sugar. GASP. I know, sugar, right? Just as a note, that sugar is dextrose– a super-fast absorbing sugar used in the Recovery Formula. Dextrose is used in E & E for quick energy/nutrient delivery and is apparent in such a low dose, the body should absorb and use it as energy in your workout within the first half hour– easily eaten up in the 6-800 calorie burn of your workout. Still, it does have sugar for those trying to absolutely avoid it.

Other ingredients: The standard running crew: Caffeine, Beta-Alanine for lactic acid buffering and better nutrient delivery through the blood vessels, Arginine (L, AKG, HCI) as an NO (Nitric-Oxide) precursor and energizer and Glutamine. Fancy sounding stuff, but most of these ingredients are currently being produced in your body– E&E (like most pre-workouts) delivers concentrated doses of these effective tools to increase endurance, ward off fatigue and improve recovery during the workout. E&E has also included some natural energy boosters and “perk” ingredients including green tea extract, electrolytes an B-vitamins.

Missing In Action: You may notice a common component missing: Creatine. Personally, I don’t find that here nor there as most people after muscle building and strength increases are using it anyway in much larger doses than what ineffectual doses typically come in a pre-workout anyway. And if you’re cycled off (as you should be doing every couple months) you can still take this supplement without having to worry about it. Good choice. (You can click the image above for a larger view of the label and click here for a full comparison to similar products and more detailed ingredient explanation). The other big missing ingredient is DMAA (1,3-dimethylamylamine, Geranium stem, etc.)… that stuff has always made me a little nervous. Here’s the rundown on why.


I received E&E and gave it a week of for a range of workout performance. I used E&E on P90X2’s Shoulders + ArmsBase + Back and Plyocide  workouts. I used E&E at the recommended dose of two scoops for my first dosage and then 1.5 servings (3 scoops) for the latter two. My first experience with two scoops of E&E delivered mildly– not in a disappointing “it’s ineffective” delivery but in a way that actually reflected the name of the product. I simply had Energy and Endurance and didn’t feel that artificial energy surge often associated with DMAA-laden products like Jack3d and C4 that has me taking deep breaths and feeling a little overhyped. Recovery was up and endurance was up. With two scoops, I simply walked away from the workout and felt I could do more a short time later. That’s recovery in action.

I know of some people who’ve talked of amazing pumps through E&E but I really only felt a huge pump in Base + Back and couldn’t pin down if that was the supplement in action or just the fact I was pumping out a billion pullups to failure. My shoulders and arms workout didn’t see a lot of “puffery” any more than a normal “to failure” string of sets would do for me. So performance on that level is an up-in-the-air for me.

Still, with three scoops I was surging with energy for a few hours after the workout. One thing I will mention is that after a few days of repeated use, the tactile “I can physiologically tell a difference” effects became less noticeable. Stuff like this is a natural occurrence as your body’s receptors adjust and get used to the caffeine overload– it’s the primary reason why you take the product and cycle off for a month or so and why E&E doesn’t recommend using it in full doses for every workout day after day. I plan to use E&E only on “big resistance” days where its effects are really needed.


Aside from “caffeine wake-up” for a few hours after my first use, I didn’t experience any side-effects as I did with NO-Xplode or DMAA product like Jack3d or C4. Those products work like gangbusters but I always felt unnaturally “juiced”, “buzzing” and needing to take deep breaths afterward. Some guys love that as an indicator of efficacy… me, not so much. I like the fact I didn’t get any of that with E&E. This is the cleanest feeling pre-workout supplement I’ve tried- no crazy deep breaths and feeling amped afterwards. Just “energy and endurance” and the ability to walk away and move on with my day.

The Verdict:

I enjoy a love/hate relationship with pre-workouts. They’re effective but I’ve always had reservations about some of their ingredients and “how much is too much” before any potential unknown risk outweighs their reward. I’ve mentioned this in past reviews but there’s a lot of crazy hyperbole (“Mind-blowing”, “vein-disintegrating”, “insanely shredded shredditude”) out there when it comes to pre-workouts. I applaud Beachbody for avoiding all that marketing foolishness and focusing on what these products are truly for: Energy and Endurance. If there’s one downside it’s that my body very quickly adjusted to it which means cycling (not daily use) will be in order. I’ll continue to play with E&E doses to fine tune it for me and make any updates here in this post.

In the end, I’m happy to see a pre-workout supplement you don’t have to lose sleep over using and actually delivers on its simple promise. Based on my experience– and the fact it has a very neutral ingredient list– E & E: Energy & Endurance is recommended.

*As full disclosure, I’m obviously a Beachbody Coach but the following review adheres fully to this promise.

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  1. Dawn says:

    Thanks, I have been thinking about trying this (I am a coach myself) but was nervous about dmaa specifically, since I just watched a news program about it. I appreciate the fact that you called out specifically that this doesn’t contain it. Do you happen to know how much caffeine is in each serving? I get a little jumpy with too much of it in supplements, because I also drink coffee. (I know, I know, boo, coffee.)

    • Coach Dan V. says:

      Hi Dawn!

      The energy blend is listed at 455 mg but includes other components. It’s roughly the equivalent of two cups coffee. You can start light with one scoop and see how you feel (the serving size is two sccops).

  2. newbie says:

    i just started taking E&E and Endurance & Recovery, to be honest, i started last nite, i have tried to stay away from supplements and pre-workout stuff for years due to side effects, i do the T25 workout and decided to give it a try this time. i took it before going to the gym last nite around 7:30pm and took the supplement afterward but God did i not sleep through the night. i guess my question is, will this sleeplessness stop, i know i just started taking it. i did miss sleeping last nite and the nightmares weren’t fun either.
    i will appreciate any advice i can get.

    • Coach Dan V. says:

      If you’re sensitive to caffeine, taking a pre-workout at 7:30 pm will definitely give you a restless night. Is 7:30 PM the only time you can work out? May make sense to bump your workout to the mornings where E & E energy will have a chance to wear off before bedtime.

  3. newbie says:

    Thanks for the prompt response.
    i work out twice a day, i do the T25 work out in the morning and i do not use E&E at that time, i do most of my heavy lifting and intense work out in the evenings. am not a caffeine drinker, i might be sensitive to it like you suggested, i only go to the gym at that time on Mondays due to my work schedule, i usually go to the gym on other days at 5pm. i took it at 5pm yesterday and still could not sleep and i had nightmares. i took just one scoop today and am praying am able to sleep since i badly need it at this pont.
    what do you advice?????

    • Coach Dan V. says:

      I’d switch your workout protocol. Do your lifting in mornings with E & E and then do T25 in the evening. But I wouldn’t recommend taking E&E after mid-afternoon if you’re sensitive and can’t get to sleep.

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