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Recovery Formula For Soreness- Does It Really Work?

Recovery Formula. You see it advertised at the end of your workouts and I cover it in deep, ridiculous detail here. What I haven’t done is actually give my personal experience with the “orange nectar”… which seems strange since I’ve been using it for ooooooh, ever (which roughly translates into about three Dan years).

Of course, you know it’s a tool for workout recovery (it’s in the name in case any forgets). Chugging Recovery Formula is the one time you can take a shot of straight simple sugar and have it soaked up in all the right ways as muscles gulp it up and your body kicks on the insulin spike to help repair the damage you just caused with all your anaerobic jumping, moving and lifting. It also carries a hint of protein for a little piggyback ride to kickstart protein synthesis.

And really, that’s all I’ve used it for– recovery. I mean, it’s SCIENCE, man! However, I’ve never really quantified how I feel when it comes to relieving post workout muscle soreness because, well, there’s always some level of soreness when you’re breaking through new barriers. I’ve heard others swear by it but I just kind of held back on the soreness thing trusting the SCIENCE of how it works over paying attention to how it made me fee 24 hours later. Which lead me to…

The Recovery Formula Experiment: Does It Relieve Soreness?

The title makes my little test sound all beaker and bunson burner scientific but really, it’s kind of “school of life” subjective. My experiment was simply this: “How do I feel pushing¬† hard without recovery formula” and “how do I feel pushing hard with it”.

Here’s how I set my little test up: In the final phase of body Beast, you switch workouts between the previous two phases meaning the last four weeks introduce a steady switch-up of moves– something that tends to deliver a lot of compounded soreness with all its variety.

So how’d it go?

In short, recovery Formula DOES noticeably relieve muscle soreness. The first week I lifted from the Body Beast “Build” Phase- lots of Giant Sets, etc. The next week I lifted with the Body Beast “Bulk” Phase- lots of heavy lifting. Both phases I gave the same effort and no doubt about it, the week I didn’t use Recovery Formula could be boiled down to me crying “Ow that’s tender don’t touch me” sore. The second week? Sure there was soreness, but very noticeably less.

Does Recovery Formula help with soreness? In my experience, YES.

A Note On When To Use Recovery Formula

Recovery Formula isn’t an “every workout” supplement. It operates on a scale that’s measured by the workout you’re doing, how you feel and how hard you worked.

The Workout You’re Doing/How You Feel: Recovery Formula is designed primarily for workouts where your muscles are taxed– full body workouts, lifting, etc. Not every workout is going to bring you to death’s door so really, if you’re feeling absolutely trashed, chances are you could use a two scoop serving. If you’re feeling it but still have gas in the tank, a one scoop half serving is A-OK. If you’re rocking Yoga or stretch… take a pass.

Where’s Your Fuel Gauge:¬†When I’m talking about “gas in the tank”, I’m talking about your glycogen levels. Some days they may be full, others depleted. If your nutrition plan is on the lean side, you may be cranking into the glycogen right off the bat. If you’ve eaten a few hours before or aren’t as lean in your diet, you may not need it. Just use yourself as measurement.

Can I Use Recovery Formula During My Workout: Yep. Again, it comes back to how much you have in the tank. If you’re running into energy problems in your workouts, try a scoop with 8-12 oz. water and sip as you go. I’ve used it both ways and when I use it in my workout, I don’t have another load after. I just call it good and hit the showers. (If you’re working out before bed, read up here on how to use Recovery Formula).

Either way, you can’t go wrong. Recovery Formula is a tool in the fitness arsenal– hopefully this helps you in both using it… and using it wisely for maximum goal potential.

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