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Body Beast- The Official Supplement List

Body Beast information is coming fast and furious which means the at-home Body Beast Body Building launch is imminent… and as promised, it’s update central. This weeks update: Supplements. And oh, with a mass building program you knew they were coming!

Cool thing is Body Beast has inspired a whole new line of  Beachbody supplements built for mass gaining in the new supplement line “Beachbody Extreme Nutrition”. As supplements go, the new line-up has been around in body building circles for a while but with Beachbody’s dedication to top-shelf, natural ingredients over cheap chemical/untested crap, there’s something to it all. And while the new supplements can be built into programs where building and maintaining muscle is the focus– programs like P90X, P90X2, Insanity, Les Mills Pump or even ChaLEAN Extreme— Body Beast brings them front and center.

Here’s how the Body Beast Supplement line up shakes out:

Fuel Shot

Using a dextrose/maltodextrin stack (both easily gut-absorbed, high glycemic GI carbs… aka- glucose/sugars) Fuel Shot is designed for fast, effective post-workout recovery and immediate muscle repair. It’s recovery formula refined with latest post-workout science. Will this lead to a switch-up over the Recovery Formula or is it just recovery formula repurposed? I’ll let you know when ingredients and Nutritional Information are forthcoming.

Hardcore Base Shake

Good ol’ whey protein. Hardcore Base Shake includes 18g of whey protein iseolate, which is the purest of the pure when it comes to whey (get a full whey type rundown here) and is very quickly absorbed. The question is whether Hardcore Base Shake is a whey iseolate/concentrate “multipurpose” combo and has more than 18g protein or straight whey iseolate. The interesting angle to Hardcore base Shake is that it’s flavor neutral… IE- unflavored and designed to be mixed (stacked) and used with other products- aka- Shakeology. This supplement has me the most intrigued as its nutritional profile will determine whether it stacks up against other whey options out there. I use Blue Bonnet and Optimum Nutrition Natural which boast at least 6-8g more protein per serving than 18g. You can bet I’ll update when ingredients and nutritional information is made available.

M.A.X Creatine (Monohydrate)

Tried and true pure Creatine Monohydrate. No gimmicks or overhyped variation of creatine– this is the stuff that’s consistently been tested and proven to improve performance and build muscle through added energy. I appreciate the fact Beachbody is sticking to research on this over hype. Monohydrate is the creatine I recommend to those using it– you can get the full breakdown on creatine here.

Super Suma

Pre-workout action! Suma has become a hot commodity as a natural anabolic enhancer. Suma comes from the dried root of the South American vine and was used by indigenous people as a “energy/rejuvenating” aid.  As an ingredient you can find Suma in a lot of supplements these days and is one that gained bodybuilding notoriety through its use by Russian power lifters. The idea is that it boosts testosterone, a key component to bulking up and building muscle while also giving up ample supplies of energy which aids in workout performance and endurance while giving a boost to protein synthesis. No ingredient list yet, but I’d bet it’s combined with Maca root as well…


This goes without saying and as hard as you’ll be lifting — and as nutritionally isolated as a body building program can be–micro nutrients are going to be vital. Shakeology delivers there in spades. You can check out a full suite of Shakeology information here.

This Body Beast supplement list may not be comprehensive as far as what YOU may find you need (or are currently supplementing with) but it’s a good start and forms a pretty solid base for Body Beast. As usual, I’ll let you know ASAP when Body Beast pre-order comes available. Sign up for free coaching here and be the first to know Body Beast details as they arrive.

Beast mode… On!


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