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Asylum Helps Lisa Exceed Expectations In First Triathlon

A fit and cover-ready physique is a nice benefit it comes to completing Beachbody programs but there’s no doubt Real World Results are the holy grail of what we’re after here at HDIGF. In addition to less body fat, more muscle and that six pack you’ve been missing since, well.. may ever, Real World Results are what you get from committing to and completing programs like Asylum and P90X2. Something Fit Spot! member Lisa proved without a doubt when she competed in her very first Triathlon.

As mentioned, Yoga instructor extraordinaire and fitness trainer, Lisa’s taken her athleticism up a notch with graduate programs P90X2 and Asylum. With her husband a real-deal Triathlon competitor, Lisa stepped up to the challenge and enrolled in a local Tri with over 500 competitors as well. As part of her training, she enlisted the help of Shaun T. and Asylum to get her prepped. After 30 days of Vertical Plyometrics, Speed Drills and gallons of sweat, Lisa jumped in to her first Triathlon… and came out with a better time than expected AND an 11th place finish in age group.

In her own words:

 The Asylum & P90X training helped a lot w my endurance.  I took a lot less breaks than I thought I would need and I felt strong doing each part of the race– especially the swim.  Most importantly [the programs] gave me confidence.   I figured I’d “Do my best and forget the rest”!  Then while I was almost to the finish line and all I wanted to do was walk, even just for a minute, I said “Dig deeper, you birthed 2 babies… you can do this without walking! LOL!”

Real World Fitness Results– something both P90X and Asylum happily deliver day in and day out. Huge congrats, Lisa! Can’t wait to see how things go next round!

Have a Real World Results  you’d like to share? Send it over to along with any pictures you might have and we’ll tell your story. Want Real World Results? As a P90X Certified Beachbody Coach and Asylum grad, I can help with support, tips and goal reaching advice all along the way. Click here to get started

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