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Anthony “A-Money” + Asylum = AAA Performance

Meet Anthony “A-Money” T.– founding Fit Spot! Member and all around cool guy who earned some FANTASTIC results with The Asylum (Shaun T.’s 30-day sports performance program follow-up to Insanity ). And the best part? He’s not even done yet.

As a student attending George Mason University, Anthony was all about a juggling a lifestyle split between classes, social life, work and studying… and began feeling the “I’m growing out of my clothes in the wrong way” effects of all that craziness:

“I wanted to get back in to shape because I was losing it. I had come from being out of shape most of my life and I felt like it was time for a change. I fell in love with Insanity immediately– I did not finish for multiple reasons, but mainly because I did not have enough drive. The third time I said “You know what? If I wanna change my body, then I have to go all out.” I made it all the way to the last week of Insanity. Sadly, I sprained a ligament in my knee on the Monday of that last week and I lost most of my gains. After I recovered from my knee injury, I was looking to get back into shape because I fell out of it completely but I wanted something new. I heard about Asylum and how it makes you more athletic AND gets you in shape so I said, “Why not?” 

Anthony’s “Why not” lead to a 30 day transformation that makes “change” sound like a wimpy punk understatement. Insanity Asylum is a 30 day program and Anthony “A-Money” owned it with– as you can see– some serious results.

I’ve known Anthony for a while now and remember when he broke the news about his injured knee so close to his goal. As hard as I knew Anthony had worked, that was a tough day… but to see Anthony never give up, get back into it and push to these results? I couldn’t be more proud of his determination– absolutely inspiring!

So how’d Anthony focus in on achieving these results? Here’s the answer in his own words:

“My motivation was the fact that I needed to prove multiple things to myself. I’ve always wanted to have a nice body because growing up I wasn’t really in the best shape. So every day I just tell myself “look at the goal Anthony. You can do it.” I just kept the big picture in mind and kept pushing through and digging deeper (Stole that from Shaun T– haha!).”

What’s next?

“I plan to either do the regular Insanity or do a hybrid of the two and then over the summer I will tackle p90x (pray for me!). Doing this made me much more confident in myself as a person, which is something I have been seeking out for a long time. Along with that, Asylum has set me up to where I can start to really mold the body I want. Also, it has made me much more athletic, so I am able to compete at a higher level whenever I play sports, which I love to death!

As you can see, Anthony is driven– a booty-kicking Rock Star who put Asylum to the test and came out with a AAA+ in courses of “New Body 101” and “Advanced Athleticism”. HUGE CONGRATS, Anthony. Keep rockin’ it!

Got progress you’d like to share with the team? Send me your updates ( coachdan74 @ Truth be told, it’s great for an ego boost and accountability. Interested in hopping on board with coaching and support all along the way to your own incredible results? Let’s do this.  

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