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Why I Use Shakeology: A Blender, A Bag and Breakfast

I know Shakeology is one of those things: you see its value or you don’t. Personally, I use it as go-to staple of of my nutrition plan. I’m a big proponent. Not just because I’m a Coach (I started using Shakeology long before that— especially with its “bottom of the bag guarantee”IE- don’t like/doesn’t work for you, send it back for a full refund) but because it’s simply a great supplement that tastes like a super-sweet dream come true. Seriously. I actually look forward to drinking it in the morning the way I used to look forward to eating a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies at night… but way more beneficial and without the inevitable man-boobs.

So there’s lots of hype and hard-sell out there but marketing bullet points aside, I really do have a thing for Shakeology. Here’s a few reasons that made it an easy choice for me personally:

Nutrition Packed

Shakeology is loaded with nutrition and packs the wallop of a super-food multi-vitamin without having to gag down baby-finger sized horse pills. Full nutritional servings of vegetables, super-foods (even quinoa!) and fiber to boot. If you want even more information on this, Oprah’s O magazine recently did a whole unpaid write-up on the dude who put it together and why the ingredients are phenomenal.

  • Why this matters to me: Pounding raw vegetables can be daunting. Salads are cool but being able to drink the equivalent is something I like to not worry about.

Versatility at 150-ish Calories

That’s LOW. That’s really low if you look at how much protein (17g), carbs (17g), other nutrients and even sugars (while remaining very low on the Glycemic Index) are going in there.

  • Why this matters to me: Low calories are great for losing weight but even more than that, Shakeology allows me to add a few ingredients to meet my nutritional macros while providing a solid nutritional base. If I want to up the protein, a scoop of whey powder makes it a 260 calorie meal. Some peanut butter or a banana only takes the total calories to about 450, which for me is right on target.

Low Glycemic Rating

24… TWENTY. FOUR! With a scale that goes up to 100, that’s crazy low and it’s a score given by GI Labs (a costly process supplements aren’t even required to do). This also makes Shakeology awesome for folks who are diabetic. As a note, anything lower than 55 is considered low glycemic. As a yard stick, apples range from 32-40 on the glycemic scale.

  • Why this matters to me: High Glycemic stuff (IE- low fiber, high sugar) causes insulin spikes, when not within the window of recovery after a workout, which cause the body to store fat. Low glycemic foods keep your blood sugars regulated without the meteoric spikes. Having a supplement that’s “clean” and health-loaded is total score.


Shakeology is a powder, so it can be taken on the go and when combined with a shaker bottle and 8 oz. of water, take care of hunger for 2-3 hours.

  • Why this matters to me: Staying fed and taking in calories over the course of the day can be tough to manage. Shakeology makes it easier for me to just toss a scoop in a blender bottle and go.

Tastes Awesome

It does. At least the flavors I enjoy: Chocolate Vegan (an light, natural cocoa) and Tropical Strawberry (sweet strawberry with a hint of banana). Shakeology also has a Greenberry (fruity), regular Chocolate (sweeter chocolate) and Vanilla (mild vanilla great for mixing with fruit) flavors which all have their fans– but as a chocolate loving guy to begin with, I stick with my faves.

  • Why this matters to me: Eating clean gets equated with eating cardboard. And let’s be honest… some meal replacements taste awful as manufacturers try their hardest to inject palatable taste into foul tasting concoction. They have hints of artificial sweetener and taste stale or processed. I simply like the taste of Shakeology over a myriad of other MRPs I’ve tried.

Natural- No Artificial Sweeteners, Etc.

Shakeology doesn’t use artificial sweetener. I’m not an artificial sweetener hater but I tend to like natural, real ingredients so this is a plus for me. And still, with the added fiber, protein and carb mix, in addition to being low glycemic, the sugar is a virtual non-issue.

  • Why this matters to me: Artificial sweeteners taste gross and are often chemically based, man-made products. Shakeology uses the real stuff and just tastes better.


Yes, price. At first blush, a 30-day supply of Shakeology at $129 seems expensive but at a hair over $4.00 a serving, the price is no different than any other meal I eat in a day. It just replaces other stuff I would have spent money on (check a real-world comparison out here).

  • Why this matters to me: Who isn’t cost conscious? But for the price and what I get, $4-ish is absolutely worth it.

So in the end, do I want you to give Shakeology a shot? Heck yes I do– but only in the same way I recommend P90X… because it WORKS. Check Shakeology out in more detail here, request a sample here or take the plunge, put Shakeology to the test and click this big fat (hopefully-not-too-intimidating) button here:

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