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Why Add Protein To Shakeology?

Shakeology- I’m a big proponent. You can read in more detail about why Shakeology works for me but today we received a great question about how I use it. I’ve been asked about this so often, I’m surprised- and even a little disappointed– that I haven’t made a post out of it… until today.

So I’ve been using Shakeology every day now for over 3 years. And from the very beginning, I’ve always added a scoop of whey or plant-based protein to it. I get asked “why” a lot and it’s usually based around a question like this:

“Question… why would you need to add it [scoop of protein] to your Shakeology? Shouldn’t that drink be covering all the basics and more in and of itself, — from everything I have read on Shakeology.”

Great question. Shakeology is definitely super dense in the nutrition department- worlds apart from other meal replacements in that it uses real foods and their naturally occurring nutrients rather than a grab-bag of chemical concoctions, binders, fillers and artificial sweeteners. I’ve always dug that about Shakeology and is one of the reasons it’s a daily staple.

Still- totally valid question. If Shakeology is so great, why add protein?

For me, the answer is simple:

While Shakeology does cover the basics and is a whole meal unto itself with a pretty much equal serving of carbs/proteins plus its additionally dense nutritional profile, a 180 calorie shake is still only 180 calories. I need close to 2100 calories per day at minimum cutting mode- close to 3000 at maintenance. So while I love the fact Shakeology covers micronutrients for the day and fills in micronutrient gaps left from an otherwise decent (or repeated) meal plan, I still need at least another 1800 calories. And if you’re on any kind of specialized nutrition plan (like Fat Shredder from P90X) which requires more protein than carbs, punching up Shakeology with an additional protein scoop to meet those macro and caloric requirements is a quick and easy way to do it as opposed to cooking up a truck load of lean meat protein for the day.

Adding protein to my Shakeology is just one way I personally meet the macro requirements of the nutrition plan I’m following for my fitness program. You can certainly drink it straight without the protein (it is a stand-alone meal replacement shake after all) but it’s just convenient for me to mix some extra protein, keeping an additional serving of what would probably be a slab of chicken breast out of my day.

And really, that’s another beautiful thing about Shakeology: it’s very versatile. Drink it straight, mix it up, add calories- at its base you’re delivering some serious nutrition in a way that works for you and gets you closer to your nutritional and aesthetic fitness goals.

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