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Ten Ways To Spice Up Your Shakeology

I’ve mentioned before we get two bags of Shakeology every month and we keep getting it because it’s nutrition dense, convenient and, well… really, really good. Doesn’t hurt that it gets rave reviews from Docs and nutritionists all around, either. If you’re not using Shakeology, you should be. Energy up, cravings down and killer nutrients to boot. Yeah, I recommend Shakeology all the live-long day.

That said, me and my house? Chocolate Shakeology. We’ve tried Greenberry and while it’s beautiful and healthy-looking and super-sweet, we’ve found we like chocolate best. And after a year of using it, we’ve never tired of it either. Yeah, it’s that good.

Aside from all the other positives you could heap on it, Shakeology is extremely flexible, meaning you can drink it straight or mix in all kinds of stuff to make it thicker, more shake-tastic, even more flavorful or tweak the macronutrient nutritional profile to fit your goals. Used straight, Shakeology kicks “sugary chocolate” taste to the curb and retains a rich, cocoa taste with a hint of cinnamon. Still, variety keeps things interesting so here’s our Top Ten ingredient list to spice up your next glass of Shakeology:

Almond/Skim/Soy Milk

Adding milk to a shake is kind of a “no-brainer” but it’s still amazing what a little “milk” can do. Gives Shakeology a creamier texture and adds/beefs up a few extra nutrients (not that you really need them with Shakeology) as well. I usually go with 1 cup water and 1 cup Skim Milk. Talk about milk-shakey.

Peanut Butter

I’m a fan. In fact, I’d go on record as saying peanut butter makes everything better. Except strawberries. And water. And probably spaghetti. But beyond that, peanut butter adds a hint of nutty flavor Chocolate Shakeology that makes it go down like a batch of fresh Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Just make sure you don’t use the “kids stuff” like Jif and Skippy that are loaded with sugar. Adam’s Natural does nicely.


Vanilla can be potent stuff, so be careful to use only a drop or two as you experiment to find the right flavor combination. Obviously adds America’s favorite flavor to the mix, but combined with Chocolate Shakeology, you’ve got a pretty great Amaretto taste.


Ah, the old stand-by. Easy to mix and when combined with peanut butter and chocolate– monkey-riffic. Not to mention the added potassium can help offset cramping for all you heavy P90X lifters out there.

Whey Protein

Chocolate Shakeology boasts 17 grams of protein, but for a higher protein diet you may want to add another scoop. Chocolate Whey smooths out the cocoa taste while vanilla or any other “non-fruit” flavored mix brings their own personality to the flavor party while beefing up Shakeology’s already awesome protein file.

Fage 0% Yogurt

This is weird and may be an acquired taste but it was an experiment I tried and ended up liking. If you’ve ever had chocolate sour cream frosting and LIKED it, you’ll be down with this add-in. Thick with a slight, tangy bite, Yogurt adds additional pro-biotics and an another 15g of muscle-loved protein.


This is definitely an experimental add-in, but if you dig chocolate covered strawberries or cherry-chocolate shakes, playing with berries can add some sweet anti-oxidants, fiber and all around flavor to your Shakeology while keeping the glycemic nice and low.

Mint Extract

Grasshopper cookies. Enough said.

Recovery Formula

Wait, What!? Sounds gross, but on a dare from Coach Josh Spencer, I gave it a shot and added a half scoop of formula to my Shakeology. It was surprisingly good. STILL– this is a cheat and one should be a “one-off” or very infrequent since the fiber and protein of Shakeology KILL the efficacy of the Recovery Formula and–vice versa– jacks with the glycemic index rating of Shakeology thanks to 22g of added sugar. BUT… sometimes, ONCE YOUR GOALS ARE ACHIEVED, this mash-up can be used as a kick in the pants for some pre-activity “go-juice”.


Ice? Really? I know… I was debating even adding this but apparently, there’s folks out there who use Shakeology with water and that’s it. Adding ice (about 5-10 cubes) to your Shakeology not only thickens it, it gives it more of the consistency of a milkshake. Careful not to over-do the ice as the extra water can dilute the flavor and make it too thick to blend or even pour.

Honorable Mention: Coffee

I’m not a big coffee drinker. Heck, I don’t drink it ever- but if rumor has it right, Coffee is a mocha-riffic kick in the flavor-pants for Chocolate Shakeology.

Thing is, any one of these “spice-ups” can be mixed together. It’s a nutritional taste experiement in your very own kitchen. Nice!

Interested in Shakeology? Order here (risk-free, even– it’s got a 30-day, bottom f the bag guarantee) or sign me up as your coach and nab your own free sample. 

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  1. Karen says:

    Wow, great ideas! My fav is with coffee or when I add almond butter and 1/2 banana! I think I need to try the mint though!

  2. Romall Smith says:

    It is easy to mix up stuff for chocolate but greenberry is a whole nother animal. Pineapple chunks and coconut water is really good with it tho.

  3. Jim says:

    Here’s my fav for chocolate shakeology. Banana and mango. I’m wearing out a blender making this all the time:)

  4. Ted Gore says:

    I ALWAYS throw a handful of spinach in. You don’t even know it’s there and it’s an easy way to get more veggies in!

  5. Danv says:

    Good point, Ted. I’ve thrown in broccoli, carrots (yeah… Pulptastic… never again) Vitamin C, and even some lasagna. Ok, not the lasagna but still. Shakeology’s so versatile and rich in flavor mix-in experimentation never ends.

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