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Shakeology Price Point Changes

Shakeology is great. I know, I know… “Me and my Shakeology”. But hey- it’s a game changer for me and if you’re been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know I firmly believe in the stuff. That said, Shakeology’s been around about four years now and has never compromised on its quality while improving on its nutritional content and ingredients as new research and findings have come available. In the mean time, the cost of these ingredients isn’t going down- think about dairy a few years ago. Or gas. Or eggs. Or any consumable good, really. Prices are rising and in this case, Shakeology is no different.

On April 1, 2013, the price of the whey formulation Greenberry and Chocolate Shakeology (not vegan Tropical and Chocolate) will see a small increase. But word of advice:

KEEP CALM AND SHAKEOLOGY ON because it’s no big deal. And here’s why: If you’re currently on Shakeology, nothing changes.  And if you aren’t currently using Shakeolgy and would like to be, you can lock in the current price before it goes up if you order by April 1.

Ah. See? Not so bad. :)

Shakeology Price Change: The “No Big Deal” Details

As a note, the price change is only $10 and only for the $119 whey formula, which brings the chocolate and greenberry flavors to the same price point as the current vegan formulations. In short- no more confusion- Shakeology is the same price, no matter what your flavor. The official word is this:

“We [Beachbody] were forced to make a tough [Shakeology] decision: … to counteract the rising costs of fuel, shipping, and ingredients, continue to offer FREE shipping with HD orders, and to preserve the integrity of our ingredients (rather than skimping or ordering from lower quality sources) we must raise the price of Chocolate (regular) and Greenberry by a mere $10/month (33 cents/day)? Considering we’ll never sacrifice the integrity of our ingredients, the choice is clear.

Effective April 1, 2013, the new price of Chocolate (regular) and Greenberry Shakeology will be $129.95.

Easily lock in the original price ($119.95) for life! Simply get on Chocolate, Greenberry, or Chocolate/Greenberry alternating HD before April 1st, and as long as you never cancel your HD subscription, you’ll maintain the original price.

If you’re on Home Direct, you’ll also continue to get FREE shipping—every month.”

Once again- if you’re on Shakeology HD right now, nothing changes. If you purchase Shakeology HD before April 1, 2013, nothing happens. The only time you’ll be effected by the new price change is if you cancel (or put on hold) your HD order (something I’ve never done for the last 2+ years) or if you order Shakeology month to month (wha? You like paying $10 shipping?)

In short, there’s plenty of time to order up and get set.

Shakeology Price Change: The HDIGF Take

“Price Increase” always sounds scary but  in reality, the only people this increase will impact are those who purchase Shakeology sporadically. With rising inflation (a simple outcome of time marching on) I’m surprised a price increase didn’t happen long ago. But either way, I love the stuff. Shakeology is soundly legit and and I see the price increase as not a negative at all- I’ve long been an advocate of what’s in Shakeology and its nutritional profile is second to none- something I’d pay even more for and feel its worth every penny. If it’s not for you, that’s OK. I’ve just seen enough change and positive effect in both my nutrition and those around me to make it worth every penny.

I won’t lie and say there’s not cheaper meal replacements out there, no doubt about it, there is. Even Beachbody has their own creatively named “Meal Replacement Shake” that’s $40. But if one thing has ever been true it’s this: You get what you pay for and Shakeology STILL costs as much or the same as a regular food meal. Real food, real superfoods, uncompromised nutrition and none of that lab-made, added vitamin, soy added filler and binder crap. There’s a reason I stoppped using standard meal replacements 2 years ago and moved to Shakeology at a higher price point- IT WAS WORTH IT.

Of course there’s always the 10% discount with Club pricing and the 25% coach discount as well if you’re looking for an even bigger price break (email me at for more details there if you’re

Shakeology Price Change: Official FAQ

Will the price increase affect Challenge Packs?

– No. Challenge Pack prices will not change after April 1st, regardless of which Shakeology flavor you chooses. However, after the initial Challenge Pack purchase, the monthly price will be $129.95.

I’m already on HD for Chocolate or Greenberry. Will I be subject to the price increase?

– Good news! If you’re already on HD for either Chocolate or Greenberry (or alternating), you will NOT be affected by price increase. You’ll continue to pay $119.95/month for life—as long as you never cancel your HD subscription.

I bought Shakeology before, but I’m not currently on HD. Will I be able to lock in the original price after April 1st?

– No. Whether you purchased previously or not, if you’re not on HD before April 1, 2013, you will be subject to the new price. In fact, after April 1st, ALL new one-time purchases and HD subscriptions will cost $129.95.

What is the new price per serving of Shakeology with the new price point?

Instead of $4.00, it’s $4.33.

Never tried Shakeology? Learn more here. Have questions? Feel all kinds of free to hit me up- questions are where it’s at.  Email me here or at You can also receive free one on one support with your fitness journey by making me your free Beachbody Coach right here. 


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