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Shakeology Gets The Oprah Spotlight

Shakeology is awesome. I could talk and talk about it but the proof is in the tasting, using and blender-ing. The ingredient list is crazy good and it goes beyond hype– Shakeology really is packed with nutrition that can can positively impact your health, energy and nutritional intake.

Thanks to Oprah Winfrey’s very own O Magazine, Shakeology’s spotlight shone a little brighter this week. There’s a full article on Darin Olien, the guy responsible for Shakeology. Unfortunately, the article has been pulled from the official site (for now) but it’s still available in full on the mobile site.

Here’s some highlights:

Olien’s specialty is what’s known as “formulating,” taking wildly beneficial substances and combining them into something even more potent: a supplement, a snack, a tea, a medicine, a smoothie… Olien’s final ingredient, Shakeology, contains more than 70 components itself, a crazy cornucopia of good.

No one understands Shakeology better than Olien, who created it in 2008, after Carl Daikeler, CEO of the fitness company Beachbody, challenged him to come up with a supplement to match the tagline The Healthiest Meal of the Day… The goal was to shoot the moon, to seek out and combine the most extraordinary plants, fruits, nuts, herbs-nature’s secret weapons. And Olien found them: ashwagandha from China, cordyceps from Bhutan, yacon from Peru. An alphabet of vitamins and minerals from the purest sources. Prebiotics. Probiotics. Green tea and grapeseed extracts, chlorella and spirulina and hydrilla, a spectrum of enzymes. Since hitting the market in March 2009, more than 400,000 bags of Shakeology, at $119.95 each, have been sold.

And for good reason– the stuff is awesome, loaded with nutrition, incredible success stories, taste and is 100% GUARANTEED (don’t like it- send it back… even if you use the whole bag). Learn more about Shakeology and how to order it (or a sample) right here at HDIGF.

Check out the full O Magazine article at newstands or when it comes online again. 


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