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Chocolate Vegan Shakeology Review

To the joy of many a Shakeology drinker, Shakeology has expanded its flavor line with “Chocolate Vegan”. If you thought “chocolate” and “vegan” might not be a tasty sounding combo, well… it’s time to read on with this review. So how does Chocolate Vegan stack up on taste, mixability, nutrition and all the other stuff that’s made Shakeology so popular?  Is it worth switching to? Read on.

Chocolate Vegan Shakeology Review

As this is a Shakeology review– my disclaimer!

If you’ve searched for Shakeology, you know finding a Shakeology review that isn’t written by a coach can be tough.  Some, I believe, are overly sensationalistic written by coaches who are more invested in the selling than the details or personal experience. Upfront, I’m an Independent Beachbody Coach, so I will have a link to purchase Shakeology here in this review if you think Shakeology is something you want to try. I don’t shy from that but I insist on walking an honest line in my reviews and subscribe to this promise. So, in short… if Shakeology is as awesome as I think it is (in concept, not necessarily in all flavors) and you decide to go for it, fantastic. If not, fantastic!

This review covers Shakeology prepared three ways: straight with water, straight with almond milk and mixed up with an extra punch of protein and some fruit/greens just because. I wanted to get a true feel for the taste as mixed at least a few of the ways many people will try it. So hey, all that boring talky mumbo-jumbo aside– time to dig in.

Spot It:

As you know by now if you’ve been looking for Shakeology or are a Shakeology user, Shakeology is only available through Team Beachbody or a coach like myself. Chocolate Vegan is part of the “Ultimate” line so it’s dressed up real fancy and clean-like in its dress-white white box/bag.

What’s In Chocolate Vegan Shakeology:

Chocolate Vegan Shakeology is –surprise!– Vegan, so just like Tropical Strawberry, Chocolate Vegan is defined by what’s MISSING on its ingredient list. And first and foremost, it’s missing whey protein (which is replaced by a plant-based “jackpot” protein blend of Chia, Quinoa, Amaranth, brown rice, sacha inchi and pea proteins). It’s also not in the habit of adding lab-created vitamins and macronutrients– the vitamins contained here are straight from the ingredients that make up the Chocolate Vegan formula. (For a what’s what and hyper-detailed view of Shakeology, visit here).

As for what IS in it- there’s a metric CRAP-TON of ingredients in this new Vegan Chocolate which is both good and bad. Good in that they’re incredibly pure and raw… bad that it’ll take a shot of straight caffeine to keep me up as I write about them all late into the night. Needless to say, the ingredient list is a “who’s who” of exotic superfoods– some you may not have even heard of (yet)– each with their own unique properties: Camu-Camu, Moringa, Papain and Ashwagandha to name a few.

On the more recognizable “macronutrient” front, Chocolate Vegan Shakeology is loaded with cacao (pure form chocolate). This means you’re going to see more fiber (5g compared to the standard 3g)… a good thing. Chocolate Vegan’s calorie count is also higher– 170 compared to the usual 150. In my opinion, that’s a good thing. For those intent on scoring the protein profile, Chocolate Vegan has 16g of plant-based protein instead of its whey (animal) counterparts 18g but it’s also got a full amino acid profile as well. In short, this is an even more bio-available Shakeology mix than previous versions and that’s saying something. As with others, it’s also packing a massive nutritional punch. Here’s a full nutritional detail rundown.

Since Chocolate Vegan is part of the “Beachbody Ultimate” line, “vitamins and minerals” are NOT listed on the bag. Here’s Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler explaining why:

” The only reason vitamin and mineral supplementation first showed up on the market is because our foods started to decline in quality… In short, the vitamins and minerals your body needs are present in [Chocolate Vegan’s] natural ingredients and assimilated easier that way. The levels [In Chocolate Vegan Shakeology] will vary because we are leaving the foods in a pristine state. We are going back to the principles of relying completely on what you can find in nature.”


Easy to mix in both blender and shaker. Using plant-based proteins, Chocolate Vegan doesn’t mix as “smooth” as the whey versions of Shakeology. There is some texture. I’ve been using plant-based proteins for a while now and Chocolate Vegan is a low offender when it comes to grit or “chalk”. If you’ve been using Sun Warrior vegan protein (or as we like to call it because of its icky consistency- “Baby Food”) or Garden of  Life’s very chalky proteins , Chocolate Vegan is going to be much, much smoother. Like the other Shakeology flavors, Tropical Shakeology is easily mixable in a shaker cup. Like Tropical, it’s a thinner mix and not quite as thick as Chocolate and Greenberry. Honestly, I preferred it this way.

Chocolate Vegan Shakeology Taste… He Said/She Said:

Here’s the biggie. No matter how nutritious anything is, you and I both know we won’t eat it if it tastes like you’re eating grass. Or mud. Or cardboard. Or poop.

Chocolate Vegan is mild compared to the regular Chocolate Shakeology. They do not taste the same. With less of a reliance on fructose and more on natural sweeteners and flavors, Chocolate Vegan isn’t super-sweet as the whey and really settles in as a pleasant, not overpowering, medium chocolate taste (as opposed to Chocolate more potent cocoa taste) with a hint of nuttiness. It’s true– Chocolate Vegan is almost a chocolate/peanut butter flavor. Some have compared it to “Butterfinger” but I wouldn’t go that far. I didn’t do flips over Tropical Vegan (though I still think it’s really, refreshingly tasty) but I had a big smile when I took down Chocolate Vegan.

It’s really good. Like, good enough I’ll make a switch from Chocolate Whey to Vegan. I really, really liked it.

So here’s the moment of truth… my wife (aka- Lady-Friend/Mari-Catherine)? She was not a big fan. She didn’t think it tasted like much of anything and claimed Chocolate Vegan was “weak” when she combined it with some mix-ins she uses for her own green smoothies. Considering how her mix-ins taste (like butt) and considering Shakeology uses these ingredients and actually makes them taste really good, that could be a reason. On her second try with just almond milk, she liked it much better though still nowhere close to her favorite of original Chocolate. In her words, “Chocolate Vegan is definitely one you drink straight with mixing in with anything.”

I tend to disagree but just to show you there are varying opinions on this flavor. I love it. My “Lady-Friend”… love isn’t a word she’d use. Let’s just say it’s probably lower on that totem pole right now.


Chocolate Vegan Shakeology is satisfying. With its higher fiber content, I feel it lasts a bit longer on being filling than other flavors of Shakeology. I was satisfied and energized and didn’t have any “ill gastrointestinal effects”.

The Verdict:

I really liked it. Ranked, I’d probably put it first on my list of Shakeology flavors which kind of surprised me. If you’re a fan of super-sweet, you may not like it as much as regular Chocolate but in my book, this is my new top fave.

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