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Les Mills Pump Review: Sports Attack

If I’m being honest (and I am), I almost turned Les Mills Pump: Sports Attack off at about 20 seconds in. I think my exact words were along the lines of, “Oh… NO. No freakin’ WAY I’m doing this…” And of course by “this” I meant a side to side step, Jazz hands workout.

Still, by the end of Sports Attack I did change my tune (a little)… but your fitness level coming into this workout will determine its level of difficulty, no doubt about it.

Les Mills Pump: Sports Attack Review


True to its name, Les Mills Pump: Sports Attack uses Les Mills’ worldwide “BodyAttack” course as its basis. As a P90X2/Insanity/Asylum, boot-camp/sports drill training alumni/adherent, I’m pretty used to hardcore plyometric/cardio movement with an intention to push me to my anaerobic limits right out of the gate. Sports Attack doesn’t follow that methodology and exists more in the elevated heart rate (but lower intensity) land of aerobic exercise.

Not to say Sports Attack doesn’t work its way into a few rounds of anaerobic– it does if you “bring it”– but for the most part its heart is in a purely aerobic mindset. I mention that because I needed to wrap my mind around it to truly enjoy the workout. It’s different than the cardio I’m used to but it’s not ineffective based on your specific goals.

Like Les Mills Pump: Combat, Sports Attack requires no equipment.


Les Mills Pump: Combat workout is shockingly– SHOCKINGLY!– brief 30:00 total from warm-up to cooldown.


The Sports Attack warm-up is roughly six minutes long and it’s here I about popped the DVD out and swore off Sports Attack forever. With soft-shoe sounding moves named step touch, double step touch, step tap and forward and back steps I felt like I’d stepped into an 80’s Aerobic Championship Bizarro World.

Cool down is about 1.5 minutes of static stretching. Sports Attack is comparatively low intensity compared to Insanity/P90X cardio and the short cool down reflect that.

The Workout

So yeah. Les Mills enthusiasm is on full display here– and that’s always a good thing as that’s what kept me in when the clapping began.  If you’re new to Les Mills, all workouts are broken into sets built around a specific music track and as such, each Sports Attack segment is -6 minutes. Combined with 30 minutes total, this workout FLIES. Les Mills Pump: Sports Attack consists of five actual workout tracks (warm-up not included):

  •  Mixed Impact Track: (5:00) Pretty low impact stuff with jogging and boxers bouncing.
  • Interval Track (4:30) It’s here things started to pick up a bit for me and I added some intensity to keep things interesting as Intervals moved into knee lifts, squat jacks and step jumps.
  • Plyometric Track (3:30) If you’re coming at this workout from P90X, this is where things will begin to feel familiar as you do some 3 step heismans, step hops, skaters and sprints.
  • Peak Cardio Track (5:00) – With some added intensity, things got going here with drop squats and double hops and high knee runs (sprints).
  • Lower Body Track (3:00) – There’s some burn here as your legs and butt get put through a few quick paces with some squats and power jumps.
  • Cool Down (1:30) Static Stretching

I’d like to say this workout will run into your own expectations. I wasn’t ready for a lower impact workout that brings arm swinging into the mix and while the first half of the workout wasn’t my “cup of Recovery Formula” the latter half made up for it but at 20 minutes, felt too short. However, if you’re just getting started, Sports Attack will put you through the paces though the “sports” aspect of this workout is used pretty loosely.


Adjust Expectations. If you’re coming off a Beachbody “Graduat Program”, this isn’t going to be tough. It’s still effective in getting you an aerobic workout but you’ll really need to add intensity to get the same effect of some of the cardio you may be used to.

Jump. Want to get more cardio? Add some deeper bounce, more explosive jumps and big hops.

Laugh it up. If you’re a guy with an aversion to the sterotypical moves of an aerobics class, you’re just going to have to laugh about it. You will not look tough or manly through the warm-up or first workout. You’ll look like you’re sweatin’ to the oldies.

The Verdict

I feel like I’m being overly harsh here as I know Les Mills delivers some serious workout action and Pump is no exception.Depending on your fitness level, Sports Attack might be the exception to that expectation. I did sweat, my heart rate was up and I guess that’s the name of the game but I had no problem hanging with the workout from start to finish even with my added intensity.

Of course, this workout IS supplemental and is lower intensity in a weight program on purpose, so maybe I’m being overly harsh considering Body Attack classes (on which Sports Attack is based) are 25 minutes longer than Sports Attack’s 30 minutes and intended to be fun, all-fitness-level stuff.

If you don’t own the program, be sure to check out the details on Les Mills Pump here. Beginning your Les Mills Pump journey? Have questions? Feel free to email me here or at Better yet, let’s get you the support you need to line up your nutrition goals right now. Make me your (free) Beachbody Coach right here and we’ll get crackin’!

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