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Body Beast Review: Lucky 7

Body Beast, Beachbody’s dedicated mass building program, is designed with a laser focus on helping those interested in increasing muscle size and volume. If muscle gain is your goal, Body Beast is for you and promises up to 10 lbs. lean muscle in 90 days. But most important, Body Beast delivers ( as you can see here with the test group and here with HDIGF’s very own Carlos’ Beachbody Challenge winning results). Using “Dynamic Set Training” (multiple sets and frequencies to tap all muscle types) Body Beast keeps muscle building fun, tough and interesting- all with a trainer (Sagi Kalev) who genuinely cares about and is personally invested in, the people who pick up this program.

If you’ve picked up, or considered picking up, the Body Beast program and make it a point to buy it here at HDIGF, you receive a free workout not included in the regular program: Lucky 7. As an exclusive supplementary workout, how does it do? Let’s get into it!

Body Beast: Lucky 7


As a supplementary workout designed to make up for a missed day or to add some variety, Body Beast’s Lucky 7 is shorter in time but just as intense. Based around a circuit-style workout, Lucky 7  uses seven  combo sets that build in a progressive pyramid. In “regular talk”, that’s seven sets using one compound move (a move that works two or three body parts- think bicep curl to sqaut). In each set, you start with one rep, then move to two, three, etc. up to seven. In total, that’s 28 reps per set. Don’t let the seven fool you- this one makes you work.  As you go through this workout, pay close attention to the dude with the headband. He consistently picks weight he can’t finish with and adds some laughs as he’s constantly called out for it. In short, Body Beast workouts are about going hard while maintaining form- not going hard while maintaining ego. Lucky 7 is a perfect example of that.

Lucky 7 requires the EZ curl bar and dumbbells. If you don’t have an EZ Curl bar, no worries- you don’t need it. Dumbbells will work with every move and are demonstrated in the workout.


Body Beast: Lucky 7 is a crazy-short 24:00 total from warm-up to cooldown. The workout includes abs so if you’re looking for some extra time, you can take this to 34:00 minutes if you want to do some washboard work at the end.


If there’s one thing I fauly Body Beast for is its lack of spending time in warm-up. Lucky 7’s official warm-up is roughly 1:30 minutes (90 seconds) of low grade running in place, arm and leg circles, three “walk to plank” moves and another round of running in place. Granted, the moves you’re doing aren’t explosive or high impact so technically you don’t need a ton of warm-up… but 1:30 feels a little too short and with Lucky 7 being a full body workout, you don’t get much chest, calf or back stretching.

Cool down keeps to the 1:30 time frame with some arm and shoulder stretching, hamstring stretches and a hip flexor stretch.

The Workout

As mentioned, this workout is SHORT but no less intense. The 21 minutes you spend squeezing out 196 moves do not go by as quickly as you might think. You’re working- both in strength and endurance as you build out to 28 reps per set. For you math whizzes out there, that makes about 3 minutes of work per move with a short break. The trick to this workout is to challenge yourself. You could truly view that as a HIIT-style workout and use enough weight to make it difficult but not impossible to finish with weights in hand. Intensity, as always, should be the focus with attention to form.

The seven moves, as mentioned, are compound, which means you’re working two to three muscle groups with each set. Moves include and Oblique Twist which works core and legs as you twist into a lunge and Curl + Military Press + Lunge gives both upper and lower pump and burn.

Throughout each workout set. Sagi  instructs you through each move in detail and demonstration.

TIP: Never sacrifice form for speed! Find your limit and get there. Improve week over week.

Move Highlights: (with only 7 moves I wanted to highlight some of the more challenging…)

Skull Crusher + Press + Crunch :

It’s not that any individual move is difficult, but combined? You feel the burn pretty quickly. The move is exactly like it sounds, skull crusher tricep move followed by a press followed by a crunch holding the the weight at chest height. Choose your weight wisely or getting up on that crunch could be tough.

Delt Raise + Reverse Lunge:

I’ll be honest- lunges are my favorite move… NEVER.  I find them tough- and they should be considering they work your legs, one of the body’s largest muscle groups, from butt to foot. The Delt raise is actually welcome relief as you must use the same leg as you build reps before moving to the other (lunge right, lunge right, lunge right, to seven, then lunge left, lunge left to seven). In total, you’re hitting 28 lunges per leg in about 2.5 minutes. You’ll feel it.


Focus. When doing compound moves, control is key. You’re not after just transitioning from move to move- you’re focusing on a SMOOTH, CONTROLLED, transition and feeling it where you’re supposed to. Focus on the muscle groups being worked and you’ll always get better results.

Choose Your Weight Wisely. This workout isn’t max weight power hour. It’s a test of endurance combined with strength. Piling up heavy weights will have you breaking down before you get to seven. Play with the weight, write it down and see how you can improve week over week.

The Verdict

At 24 total minutes (excluding the optional 10 minute ab workout), Body Beast: Lucky 7 feels like it might be a an easy warm-up workout– it’s not. By the time you reach the seventh set of your Pyramid series, you’re sweating and feeling it– and if you choose ego over sensibility with your weights, you’ll pay for it.  Bringing intensity and pushing through its 24 minutes will make it extra tough and a workout you can use as a cardio-style circuit workout on certain days, a replacement for Beast Cardio or a workout to make up for a missed day.

Lucky 7 is highly customizable and a great bit of variety in the Body Beast workout program that adds fun and challenge. That whole “big things in small packages” bit? It applies here.

If you don’t own Body Beast, be sure to check out the details here. Beginning your Body Beast journey? Want winning results? Have questions? Feel free to email me here or at Better yet, let’s get you the support you need to line up your nutrition goals right now. Make me your (free) Beachbody Coach right here and we’ll get crackin’! 

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  1. Brad Puckett says:

    Good afternoon,
    I recently purchased Body Beast DVD’s off Amazon but didn’t receive the Lucky 7. How can I order just this video?

  2. John says:

    Coach Dan:
    Thanks in advance for your response.
    I would like to use some of the body beast dvds in full body workouts which I enjoy more.
    Say, 2-3 days alternate that with 2-3 cardio.
    Would Lucky 7 and Total Body build decent muscle each done once weekly?

    • Coach Dan V. says:

      Hey John-

      Thanks for your question– it’s a good one.

      Not to burst the bubble but chances are you’re not going to build decent muscle using this process. You’ll build physique and tighten up, but this will be more like a circuit training workout which has emphasis on endurance and strength than building muscle mass. You may see some gains but the heavy emphasis on cardio and circuit will keep gains in check.

      Ultimately, what is your goal with Body Beast and in general?

  3. Äres says:

    Hello dear dan
    I have a question regarding the training … Can I play this workout everyday.???.. I tried the workout …very effective … I play sport to fight side effects of chemical thereby I had last few years can you provide me with daily routine that I can follow using lucky 7and beast abs
    Now I’m doing the workout three days per week
    Do I need to change the routing I follow now ???.
    My best greetings to all

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