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Asylum Volume 2 Review: Agility Tutorial

Asylum Volume 2 Review: Agility Tutorial

Asylum Volume 2 is here and How Do I Get Fit (Coach Dan) has been after it like a kid on Christmas morning. Not to give too much away but once again, the bar has been raised on the Insanity program. This workout keeps getting better with each new variation. Where Asylum Volume 1 took Insanity’s repetition and sent it packing, there were still a few workouts (I’m looking at you, Speed and Agility) which had a few “deja vu” moments of “this again?”. Asylum Volume 2 kicks even that out the window and in its place throws down with a wildly entertaining, varied and challenging workout which builds of Asylum Volume 1’s many strengthsy.

Asylum training increases its demands in Volume 2 with added complexity thanks to a suite of new agility ladder footwork drills destined to make even the most chaste mouth throw down potty words with reckless abandon (in the first couple go-throughs anyway). Volume 2 graduates from “in and out” agility ladder footwork to “in and out and back and in and wide and out and hop and in …” dance move choreography level stuff. The footwork is complicated. It’s fast. And it makes me glad no one is recording audio when I work out. IE- Don’t think you’re going to jump into Asylum Volume 2 and just kick butt. The footwork will run you into a brick wall that takes both mental and agility know-how to get over.

And that’s where Agility Trainer comes in. Not a “true” workout (but a mild workout none-the-less… at the end, Shaun T. says, “You better be sweating!”), Agility Trainer is a roughly 25 minute tutorial that walks you through every bit of footwork required in Asylum Volume 2.

Agility Tutorial REVIEW


If there’s anything to compare the Agility Tutorial to, it’s similar to the band tutorial most people didn’t watch in Asylum Volume 1 (it’s true- there’s a specific band tutorial hidden in those discs). That said, it’s just you and Shaun T. No music, no Asylum backup workout crew. Agility Tutorial is straight to the basics as if Shaun T. had shown up in your living room to give you the low down in the new footwork. It’s here Shaun T. brings a little dance expertise to the mix to help you “get it”.

Agility Tutorial is not a dedicated workout– it’s a disc I HIGHLY recommend you visit and use at least once or twice before starting Asylum Volume 2. The first workout, X Trainer, wastes no time and throws you right into the thick of  it all, assuming you already know what’s up.


Agility Tutorial is roughly 25 minutes (24:50 for the detail-oriented) with each of the 8 new moves given roughly 3 minutes or so of walk through, practice and a “:30 speed round” where you go from baby steps to doing the move at workout performance level.

Warm-Up/Cool Down

I mention the warm-up/cool down in most of my reviews as they’re IMPORTANT (that’s emphasis, not screaming) to your workouts. Asylum is different in that most of the warm-ups could be considered workouts in and of themselves. However, as a training disc, Agility Tutorial has no warm-up. This is all about jumping in and getting your feet wet and committing some new moves to muscle (and mental) memory.

The “Workout”

While not a workout per say, you will be getting rid of some sweat– especially if you dedicate yourself to the speed rounds at the end of each Agility instruction module. Tutorial takes you through eight agility moves- each having their own footwork with the seventh, “X Trainer” a four part set of stacked movement with new moves added to each part. I’ll explain that here in a minute.

Agility Footwork Moves:

  • The Audition: One word: Crazy. This is one of the more complex bits of footwork by way of how it “The Audition” builds on itself. You move forward, back, laterally and wide which comprises quite a few steps that can be a little confusing at first. This is the one I had to practice most.
  • Planes of Movement: Pretty basic but builds on itself, this bit of footwork has you jumping with both feet in and out of the box across transverse, saggital and frontal planes. In English, that’s just jumping in and out of the agility ladder front back and sideways.
  • On Your Marks: This will take some muscle memory. It’s not necessarily difficult- just intricate and you begin in a race stance, switch legs and go through a lateral step, back to race stance and repeat. Easy to get messed up but once you get the swing of it, you quickly get it.
  • Crossword Puzzle: Similar to planes of movement but with body rotation jumping both feet in and out of the agility ladder box.
  • T-180: This move is “all in hips and torque”. It’s called 180 as your shoulders never break a plane of 180 degrees. Your core stays facing forward as your shoulders twist. Very core focused and should have more than just your legs burning.
  • T-360: Now you can move those shoulders. As it sounds, this is an enhanced version of the T-180 where your shoulders do break the 180 degree plane as you jump in and out of hte box in a circle, then pivot and go back the other way.
  • X-Trainer: Pyramid footwork! X-Trainer builds on itself in four parts. Part one has you using footwork in the agility ladder- in and out. Part two adds lateral hops to the sequence. Part 3 adds a scissor kick to the end of the hops and Part four gets crazy as you go through Parts 1, 2, 3 and then finish with a burpee to X-Jump repeated two times– all with a focus on keeping your landing in the agility boxes.
  • Counter-Attack: A variant of the lateral agility shuffle. Instead of barreling down the line getting both feet in every box with a Heisman at the end, you’ll move left, drop back, move over, step back up into the box, step over, step back, etc.  There is a Heisman move at both ends.

Asylum 2 Agility Tutorial Review: The Verdict

As it happens, Agility Tutorial “is what it is”: a training sequence to get your body and mind familiar with the precision footwork required in the Asylum Volume 2 workouts. I can tell you this, going through the Agility Tutorial makes a huge difference. If you go in blind, you’ll do yourself a disservice. Agility trainer walks you through the moves in a way, with steady build up, to get the moves committed and familiar. Once you’ve got them down, they’re not too tough to remember as you start firing through them…  you’ll also save yourself some cursing.

Beginning your Asylum journey? Questions? Feel free to email me here or at Better yet, let’s get you the support you need to line up your goals right now while getting you plugged into a support team. Make me your (free) Beachbody Coach right here and we’ll get crackin’! 

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